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Obama is NOT the most Christian President

Posted by Troy on 20th February 2012 in Political

A college professor has said that Obama is the most Christian President we have ever had.  Of course, this is in no way true.  The most Christian President we ever had was John Adams, who was very devoted to his faith.  I would say that George Washington was probably the second most Christian President, but this is neither here nor there.  The fact of the matter is, Obama cannot possibly be a Christian.  I can say that based on his comment that people cling to their guns and God.  That statement alone is enough to point out that he is not a Christian.  Children cling to things.  Clinging implies an irrational belief in something,  If, however, a Christian was so inclined to say that someone clings to God, they would mean it as a positive, such as, “You’ve been through so much.  I admire how you cling to God despite the ill-fortune that has befallen you.  Your faith is so strong!”  Even then, it would be an odd way to word this statement.  I believe that Obama pretends that he believes in God to get more votes and tries to evoke the Bible as a way as persuading the unwashed masses.

State-ists cannot believe in God.  God and family are the biggest competitors for authority to the State, as I point out in 2084: The Search for Love, Hope, and Faith.  This is why totalitarian governments have sought to undermine the family and religion–just like in Communist Russia or Nazi Germany.  Religion is persecuted and kids are taught to be more loyal to the State than the family, asking them to turn in their own parents to the secret police.

What the professor really means is that Obama believes in taking from the rich and giving to the poor.  He is mistaking Robin Hood for Jesus in this matter.  Here is a tip: Robin Hood carries a bow, and his beard is more of a goatee.  Jesus never intended for anyone to take from anybody.  ”Thou Shall Not Steal” sounds oddly familiar here.  Instead, he wanted people to give from their own heart, not at the tip of the sword.  To equate voluntary charity with compulsorily participation in a government run entitlement system is laughable.  There is no honor or morality in being forced to help others.  Also, there are plenty in the entitlement system who do not need help (cheats who scam the system) or do not deserve the help (those who could work but are too sorry to do so).  When a person is helping someone, they are likely to cut off help if they see the person they’re helping is just sitting on their butts, not looking for work.  Government agencies do not hold people accountable for leaching off the system.  This professor has clearly forgotten that Jesus also said, “He who does not work shall not eat.”  Jesus’ cry to give to those less fortunate did not extend to those who would only take, as this is just a form of theft and would lead to ruin.  You can never produce enough to support those who would take a free ride if you offer it to them.  When the Bible says “Give onto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” and “Give unto God that which is God,” what it is saying is that everything is God’s.  Whose claim is greater than God’s on anything that exists?

Long Live the Constitution!