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Bad Sports at the Olympics

Posted by Troy on 7th August 2012 in Current Events

To the South African, Cameron van der Burgh:  How Dare you?  It’s bad enough that you cheated, but you proudly proclaim it.  It should be something you are deeply ashamed of.  As far as your excuse goes: what about everyone else that worked hard for four years that you just screwed out of medal by cheating?  For shame!  You should be stripped of your medal, the same as a doper who is caught after the fact.

To the Algerian, Taoufik Makhloufi: Everyone else in every single races, runs it out.  They don’t give up when they realize that they cannot win so they can conserve energy.  When you qualified for the Olympics, you took someone else’s spot.  There was someone who was willing to give 100% to those 800 meters even if they came in dead last.  When you took their spot, you owed them that amount of effort.  You should have been kicked out of the games.  You didn’t look too hurt tonight, so I don’t buy the “injury” excuse.

Finally, to Felix Sanchez, whatever you wanna be:  You were born in this country.  You live under the protection of the military.  You have benefited greatly by our economy and education system.  In exchange for this, you represented the Dominican Republic.  You know, in order for someone to become a US citizen, they make an oath to have no loyalty to a foreign power.  It’s sickening that we cannot expect the same from a natural born citizen.  If you want to represent the Dominican Republic so bad, renounce your citizenship and go live there.  Thank you.

Long Live the Constitution!

China, Doping, and State Sponsored Athletes

Posted by Troy on 29th July 2012 in Human Nature, Uncategorized

Ye Shiwen, Chinese swimmer, just outswam Ryan Lochte (based on time).  So this means one of two things: either 1) the Feminists should rejoice!  Obviously there are no differences between men and women, and all men and women sports should be merged into one classification.  Or 2) (more likely) the Chinese are doping.  Have you noticed that the Chinese have been fielding more and more tall people?  The Chinese have, historically, been the smallest people on the planet.  Of course, forced growth can be caused by merely introducing Zinc to the young.  This could be done in a number of ways.  I still don’t believe their gymnasts were old enough in Beijing.

A government with an agenda is a scary thing.  We should always be concerned when we see goosestepping.  It’s disgraceful when an individual athlete decides to cheat.  It’s a shameful thing, but it is disgusting when a State sponsors cheating.  It is disgusting because, typically, they are forcing the athletes to destroy their bodies to advance their propaganda goals, and it is disgusting because any government that is willing to destroy the health of their citizens merely to advance such propaganda has completely lost sense of their humanity.

Even if they are not doping, I abhor all State sponsored athletes at the Olympics.  It is unfair to compare those who sacrifice their spare time and other things to those who are paid by their State to train.

Long Live the Constitution