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Why Catholics Supporting Obama are Hypocrites

Posted by Troy on 9th November 2012 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

Catholics chose to support Obama over Romney in the past election.  This makes them hypocrites, and I shall prove why.

Why do Catholics support Democrats?   Most of them will tell you that it is because the Democrats help the poor, and this is what the church is most interest in doing.  This is, of course, stupidity.  No, that is not what the church is interested in doing.  Technically speaking, the church is interested in “saving” people.  I should imagine that Jesus would say that it is better to be saved and starve than to be fat and burn in the pits of hell for all eternity.  Besides that, I don’t believe that Jesus would think that the government should steal (take our money at the tip of the sword) to perform “good works.”  No, that’s supposed to come from the heart.

The government is not the place to do works of charity anyway.  When a church feeds someone or when a Christian feeds someone, it is likely that that person will see that it is a good religion and will convert and be saved.  What happens when the government feeds someone?  They become dependent on the government.  Without proper supervision and force, that person is much more likely to become a leech.  You don’t feel guilty about stealing from the government or from a big company the way you do when you steal from a church or from an individual person.  Just common knowledge.  The bigger the entity, the more justified you feel in leeching.  So the church is promoting dependence and enslavement to the government which at every turn seeks to destroy all public displays of religion.

Speaking of which, then you have the contraception mandate.  Now, I freely admit that most Catholics are hypocrites on this and use birth control, and I have no problem with that.  However, the church itself thinks it’s a sin.  By refusing to stand up to the government on this, Catholics have basically told the Pope, “Fuck off and buy us birth control, old man!”  Way to go guys!  And for what?  So that someone wouldn’t have to pay out $10 a month for their own birth control?  Skip 2 cups of coffee.  You’re there!  Downgrade your cable or cell phone.  Boom!  You want birth control?  Allocate your funds accordingly.  It’s no one’s obligation to buy it for you if they don’t want to.  You’ve traded religious freedom for $10 a month.  What kind of Judas are you?  At least he got 30 pieces of silver.  With the way Obama’s destroyed the dollar, that’s gotta be worth a LOT more than $10.  Learn to negotiate better.

Then there’s gay marriage.  Look forward to being forced to accept gay marriage.  They could even force you to do it in your church.  They’ve already proven with the birth control they don’t care about your religious beliefs.  Gays have a right to be married, and they have a right to be Catholic, ergo, they have a right to be married in a Catholic church.  Personally, this issue is not important to me in the least, but supposedly Catholics are against it, but as I said, it doesn’t appear that they are against anything too bad.

Finally, there’s abortion.  So you want to help feed the poor?  Over a million abortions a year.  Do you think the government feeding the poor saves over a million lives a year?  You are net killing people by your political affiliations.  The touted number of abortions due to rape and incest?  10,000.  Yep, there ya go.  Facts and figures.

I have nothing more to say to you.  Reconcile your political and religious beliefs.  At least Muslims are consistent.

Long Live the Constitution!

Who should give charity?

Posted by Troy on 9th September 2012 in Human Nature

Catholics tend to support Democrats.  A Catholic asked me why this is.  The reason the church usually gives is that the Democratic party supports giving to the poor.  They overlook the whole abortion, gay marriage, and increased acceptance of divorce, but okay.  But here’s a question: Why do they support the Democrats for “giving to the poor?”  You see, the thing is that the only way the government can give to the poor is through coercion.  When the poor vote to take money from the rich to have it redistributed to the poor, they are not engaging in charity.  They are  engaging in theft.  Is it really any different than if men took a vote and ordered women to have sex with them?  People aren’t supposed to pay taxes as their form of “charity.”  They are supposed to give money to people, churches, and other charities.  I don’t think Jesus will say, “Good man!  You filed your 1040 and didn’t even claim some of your legitimate itemized deductions so that the government will have more money to support the poor!  Good going!  Welcome to Heaven!”  There are also some bad side effects to the government taking over charity.  Those receiving aid have no moral obligation to the giver of the aid.  When friends and neighbors help someone, the donee feels, typically, the need to live up to the help by trying to get to a point where they don’t need help.  No one has that feeling to the government.  Also, if the church is helping someone, that person has a greater chance to converting to that religion and maybe making positive changes to their lives.  Again, this does not happen with help from the government.  The government is also very inefficient with the money.  There is a lack of policing of the funds.  If you give your friend $100 and then catch him getting lap dances down at the strip club, you’re probably not going to give him any more money, are ya?  The government will.  Finally, the government taking over the role of charity provider degrades the moral fiber of society.  People start to think that the government will take care of people, and they will stop giving to charity themselves.  There is a reason why America far outpaces the rest of the world in charitable giving.  It is also a key reason why Republicans tend to give much more to charities than Democrats (statistically true).

Long Live the Constitution!

Catholics voting Democrats

Posted by Troy on 1st April 2012 in Human Nature

O’Reilly had a Roman Catholic Priest on his show to explain why Catholics vote for Democrats despite the mandates, the stances against organized religion, and abortion.  The priest said that the Democrats differed on these points, but that Catholics feel that the Democratic party stands for those things that Catholics appreciate, such as feeding the poor.  I shall now explain why this is a terrible reason to vote for anybody.

Feeding the poor is not an appropriate function of government.  Do you think that Jesus would say, “Go forth!  Pay money to thy king that he may choose to feed the poor?”  Do you think that he would be proud of you if you met him and said “Jesus, I always paid taxes.  In fact, I wanted higher taxes so that more poor would be fed?”  No.  He would not.  Here is why:  Jesus would never say that it was the government’s job to feed the poor.  He wouldn’t even say it was the church’s job to feed the poor.  It is YOUR job to feed the poor.  You are supposed to CHOOSE to feed the poor.  You are to open your checkbooks and give voluntarily.  Taxes are in no way, shape, or form a form or substitute for charity.

All of these types of issues that Christians and Democrats have in common are not appropriate functions of government.  The government is supposed to establish justice, promote the GENERAL welfare, provide for the common defense, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our descendants.  If we go down the road that the government should provide for all the needs and wants of its populace, it will be a never ending list that will end in bankruptcy for the country.

Contraception Mandate

Posted by Troy on 13th February 2012 in Current Events

I’ve been asked to comment on the President’s contraception mandate.  As you may have heard, the Catholic church has come out steadfast against the measure.  This is particularly interesting since Catholics voted for Obama in 2008 and typically vote for Democrats.  Obama has tried to walk it back by saying that Catholic institutions don’t have to pay for contraception but the insurance companies that the  institutions contract with will pay for the contraception.  Of course, this is a meaningless shell game.  If the insurance companies are on the hook for contraception, they are going to factor that in when computing the institution’s premiums.  As such, Catholics will be paying for contraception as they are paying the insurance company that is required to provide contraception.

First, I would like to discuss how this particular issue is a good indication of how the Left views religion.  To them, religion is a fine thing for people to believe in as long as those beliefs do not interfere with their agenda.  In this, they view religion as a harmless fairy tale that some people indulge in–silly, but harmless.  It is perfectly fine to give lip service to freedom of religion, but when they speak of it, they interpret the Constitution as providing freedom FROM religion.  This is to say, under their definition of freedom of religion, you must be free from being exposed to another person’s religion regardless of the vehicle for that message.  This is shown when they will not allow a valedictorian to mention God in their speech.

The classic example of when people freak out about religion is when it comes to a sick child.  This is where my views differ vastly from the mainstream of Americans.  Most Americans believe in freedom of religion…until it offends their sensibilities.  When these cases occur, people on both sides of the political fence demand that the family subject their kids to medical treatments which are against their religion.  They don’t even consider who is to pay for this treatment.  I wonder if people would be so willing to force these treatments if the taxpayers were to bear 100% of the costs.  Of course, in the not so distant future, this will be the case under Obamacare.  People who believe that the children should be taken away and forced into these treatments will claim that children do not have the ability to choose a religion for themselves.  They are too young to make up their own minds.  However, in these things (religion, beliefs, values), we have always allowed parents to choose what is best for their children.  Here again, we are saying that people have the right to choose what values to instill in their children…as long as it does not offend our sensibilities.  Here is the question though:  These people believe that medical care is prohibited by God.  Receiving this care damns their soul to Hell.  So…what if it turns out they are right?  You have just damned their souls to Hell against their will.  Maybe it is God’s will.  Maybe the kid you save is the next Hitler, and God was taking him out of the world.  Regardless, the one truest test in someone’s belief is to face death itself.  Perhaps God is asking a sacrifice from the parents much in the way that he asked of Abraham.  Sometimes proving your faith means dying, and if you are religious, your belief in God should trump your fear of death.

The last thing I would like to point out is how this is a clear indication as to why Obamacare is unconstitutional.  The government cannot have the power to tell anybody that they have to buy any product just by virtue of being alive.  In the face of this power, it is clear that all other rights must fall to the wayside or only exists at the discretion of the ruling class.  This is called tyranny.  If you live under a king that allows you to dance, you are admitting that the king has the ability to tell you that you may not dance.  Living under the rule of a benevolent dictator is still living under the rule of a dictator.  Just because you may approve of the king’s decree doesn’t mean he is any less tyrannical.  I’m sure that there were many people in Germany that thought Hitler was doing a great job just like there were plenty in North Korea that thought King Jong Il was a fair man or that Saddam really stood up for Middle Eastern values.  They were still tyrants.

I want to give my congratulations to the Catholic Church and all Catholics who have stood their ground.  Never give up your rights.  ”Once Liberty is lost, it’s lost forever,” John Adams.

Long Live the Constitution!