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Why gays should not be allowed to be Scout Leaders

Posted by Troy on 21st March 2013 in Political

It’s so trendy now for entertainers to dis the Boy Scouts because they have decided not to allow gays to be Scout Masters.  Now, of course all those on the Left and most of those gay supports are going, “Yeah!  You tell them!”  However, these people are stupid.  As per usual, they are interested in making a point.  They don’t care about what comes after.  I can prove that this is stupid in such a way that you can see that ain’t just gay bashing or whatever.

Do you think 40 year old men should be allowed to go out alone with the Girl Scouts for camping?

What, do you think all 40 year old men are pedophiles?  Of course not!  However, there are some out there, right?  So what do you think people would say if the Girl Scouts allowed this and then it turned out that girls got molested on these trips?  They would say that this shouldn’t have occurred.  They would say that it was foolish to put this even on the table.

How is this any different?  Unless you want to go on the assumption that gay men are more noble than straight men, something that I would roll my eyes at.  I should imagine equal rates of evil among the groups.  It’s all a law of averages, isn’t it?

The Boy Scouts can make their own rules.  They are a private group.  What the world doesn’t need is a group of busybodies that show up and demand one thing and then leave and deny the results are their own handiwork.  I could come up with countless examples of this, but it would only offend.  Needless to say, they force one group to done something and then, predictably, something terrible happens, and never ONCE does the blame lay at the feet of these do-gooders.  Why?  Because they had ever so noble intentions.

The path to Hell is paved with them.  Enjoy walking it as you whistle past the graveyard.  The scenery is amazing.

Long Live the Constitution!