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Romney’s Tone

Posted by Troy on 12th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

The media is getting onto Romney for condemning the embassy for their whimpy announcement.  Quote:  ”We don’t like your tone, boy.”  Oooooh.  I don’t care if the announcement was made before the embassy was stormed.  It was an inappropriate announcement.  We are the United States of America.  We stand for Freedom of Speech, even if its bad speech.  I’ve seen the trailer for the anti-Muslim movie.  It really reminds me of a lot of movies lampooning Christianity, and yet, Christians don’t go around killing people.   What that announcement really said is, “Please don’t hurt us.  We’re sorry our freedom of speech offended you.  We’ll be quiet.  Just don’t hurt us.”  It’s weak and pathetic.  I would have rather every single person in that embassy died than to have released such a statement.  I am reminded of a History Channel show about Wake Island.  It was the first time the US Marines ever surrendered.   At the end of the show, the survivors stood around on the beach saying how glad they were to be alive, and one said, “We should have died on that island.”  There was uncomfortable silence.  The embassy is an extension of the government.  They put people in charge of the embassy.  What happens there is at the feet of the administration.  I hope Romney sticks to his guns.

Long Live the Constitution!