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Herman Cain’s mistress

Posted by Troy on 1st December 2011 in Current Events, Political

I know I’m going to look like an idiot, but I still believe him.  He’s either telling the truth or is just an incredible liar.  I liken it to when you have a good friend who is arrested.  The cops found fingerprints all over the place.  He had blood on his hands.  His story sounds insane.  But, when he looks you in the eye and says, “I know how it looks, but I didn’t do it,” you believe him.  There is definitely an effort to get rid of Cain.  False allegations would work just as well as real ones.  Here are some points that work in his favor, in my opinion:

His wife would have to be brain-dead not to notice something was up after thirteen years.

Thirteen years is a long time to be sneakin’.  Someone would have seen this girl eventually, and we haven’t seen a host of collaborators at this point, which is odd.

During the timeframe in quesiton, he had stage 4 cancer, which would make gettin’ your groove on more difficult and that much more difficult to hide.

Thirteen years is a long time to be involved with someone.  I would assume that you would have actual feelings for someone, and as such, you wouldn’t want to stab them in the back the way Ginger White is doing. 

Based on these points, I’m still willing to give Herman Cain a chance to clear his name before I cast him off.  Even with the affair though, I still view him as the best choice up there.

Long Live the Constitution!

Who would you vote for?

Posted by Troy on 29th November 2011 in Current Events, Political

There are two candidates.  One drinks, smokes, eats rich foods and is fat, is disrespectful to women, and is generally viewed as a horrible person.  The other doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink exercises, is a vegetarian, and is a war hero.

If you voted for the war hero, congrats!  You just voted for Hitler.  The other guy was Churchill.

My point: personality should be a second consideration when choosing a candidate.  In this regard, I am still supporting Herman Cain as my choice.  Honestly, what business it of mine if the allegations are true?  Who the hell cares?  Now, I can understand being upset with an allegation that Rick Perry sold his vote as he might do the same as President.  I can understand if you worry that Newt or Romney flip flop because they could say something to just get elected and then do just whatever they want.  There are different classes for moral weaknesses.  No one up there is perfect.  Unless Jesus himself comes down and runs for the nomination, quit looking for a perfect candidate.  Look for one that will get the job done and can beat Obama.  I think Cain is the guy.

Long Live the Constitution!

Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 9th November 2011 in Political

Here’s my impression of the candidates:

Santorum:  Who?  Sadly, I like what he says much of the time, but this guy is utterly forgettable.

Huntsman:  He had some good answers, but he still comes across as a politician who is willing to say whatever he needs to say to get your vote.  He is also too afraid to take a stand.

Perry:  Oh, poor Perry.  He needs to just call it quits.  When he fumbled for the third Department he would cut, it was just painful.  He is just inarticulate.  Worse than that, he has become afraid to take a stand.  He is viewing every question as a possible pitfall.

Bachman:  Bachman had some solid answers tonight, but she blends into the background.  She is close to being forgettable, and that’s not good.  She lacks the strength of presence to be President.

The top four:

Ron Paul: Ah, they refrained from having him talk about foreign politics inside national defense.  He really shone. 

Romney:  As slimy as I typically find the guy, he actually gave some really solid answers.  I still don’t trust him, but at least he’s stopped straddling every issue.

Cain:  Cain did great.  He gave some pretty strong answers on most of the questions.  He did have a couple of weaker answers, but above all, he was damn loveable.

Newt Gingrich:  Say what you will.  Every answer, a great answer.  Based solely on answers, he’s the strongest candidate.  The question is can he overcome the prejudice against him.

Sharon Bialek – One hell of a coincidence

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2011 in Current Events

in 2009 Sharon Bialek was brought up on fraud charges and was defended by no other than David Axlerod.  That is one hell of a coincidence!  So we have a person with a history of fraud charges making an allegation that has no possibility of being supported or disclaimed by another party because, interestingly enough, Cain decided to drive her to a secluded area to try to grope her instead of soliciting her to come up to a plush hotel room.  This person has had ties to a cabinet member of the person who will be running against Cain in 2012.  Also, try this with a partner:

Cain reaches for her genitals under her skirt and uses his other hand to push her head towards his crotch.  It’s physically impossible.  Her head would end up on his arm, not his crotch.  Try it.  That and no one that’s been molested ever has to consult their notes that much.  They are also not nearly as excited and chipper and smiling during their press conference.

She’s lying, people.  Act like you got some sense.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why Republicans Won’t Criticize Herman Cain

Posted by Troy on 3rd November 2011 in Current Events, Political

The Washington Post claims that the reason why Cain’s support hasn’t waned is that white republicans are afraid to criticize him because he’s black.  This is interesting since they usually say white refuse to support Obama’s plans just because he’s black.  This a case of havecakeandeatittooitis. 

I’ll solve the mystery for them.  As a white man that likes Cain and still supports him, I’ll tell you why I have not yet pulled my support for him.  His guilt has not been proven.  Currently the accusers are unnamed.  The charges are non-specific.  The general charges are laughable.  He sounds and looks honest with his answers (if he’s lying, he’s damn good at it).  And, finally, I don’t believe sexual harassment is in his character.  He doesn’t strike me as a sexual person.  I couldn’t imagine him trying to seduce someone.  I just don’t see it. 

Until I see some proof, he is innocent until proven guilty.  Let’s not be so brain dead that we forget this principle.

Herman Cain and Racism

Posted by Troy on 1st November 2011 in Political

Have you noticed that not wanting to support Obama as President is always denoted as racism at work.  However, not wanting to support Cain is because Cain is racist.  If he is running for the GOP, that automatically makes him an Uncle Tom (which was a pretty God awful book from a strictly objective point of view).  What you have then is that blacks are expected to think only on the basis of “identity politics” or (put another way) in “herd mentality.”  Any thought process that goes outside of the herd mentality is thus treason against the herd.  There’s really no other way to say it.  It is obvious that Herman Cain is a very intelligent and successful man.  Obviously he has come to his beliefs honestly.  I seriously doubt a white guy showed up and said, “Here, Boy.  This is what you believe now, ya hear?” and Herman Cain said, “Oh yes, mas’a.  Glory be, yes.”  No.  He is no puppet for the “White Right.”  Give the man some credit.  I view him as a man, full of his force of convictions and intelligence.  You view him as a dupe and a tool of racists because the only way a black man like Cain can have these beliefs is if he is duped.  You believe it’s impossible for him to come to his own understanding of the universe outside of the herd.  Now, you tell me…which one of us is more racist?

Herman Cain smear job

Posted by Troy on 31st October 2011 in Current Events, Political

You can tell they are worried about the guy now.

The Left has started trying to tear Cain apart with allegations of sexual harassment by anonymous sources.  I saw Cain defend these positions on Greta tonight, and I have to say I believe he is completely innocent.  His facial expressions, hand gestures, tone of voice, verbal cues, and eye motions all point toward him telling the truth.  So he is either telling the truth of is a pathological/accomplished liar.

The Right is also trying to tear Cain apart by saying that he isn’t political enough and that he’s the new “anti-Romney/establishment” flavor.  I don’t believe that people are flocking to Cain just because he isn’t Romney (although, I have yet to meet a Romney supporter to had any positive thing to say about Romney other than they think he can beat Obama).  I think most people are going to him because he is just that damn likable.  You can’t help but like the guy.  He’s so positive and upbeat and only has the best to say about America.  The radio host I was listening to was really pushing Romney as the key to beating Obama.  What is the point of the Right picking a candidate that will please the Left if that person does not please the Right?  It just sounds silly, doesn’t it?  A caller pointed out that Romney flip-flops on everything and that he takes whatever position will get him elected in any given election.  The host said, “How else would a politician pick a position?”  The caller had no response.  Here is the response:  “They should pick a position that they have arrived at in the crucible of their conscience.  They should pick the position that they are proud of.  The one that they will stand for.  Picking a position just to get elected makes you a liar.  It shows a weakness of character, and this weakness will created other weaknesses when pressure is applied.”

Raisin’ Cain in 2012!

999 Plan

Posted by Troy on 13th October 2011 in Current Events, Political

The 999 Plan is under attack right now.  Personally, I don’t think that it’s worth talking about.  I don’t believe that any tax schematic will replace the current Code.  There are too many special interests involved.  Also, I think that introducing a sales tax is a bad idea.  First, I don’t think it would be Constitutional (which doesn’t seem to matter anymore).  The Constitution only allows a tax to be given to the states and must be based on population.  That is to say, if the Government needed to collect 50 billion dollars, they have to say, okay, states, you have to pay 50 billion dollars.  California, you have a tenth the population, so you owe us 10 billion dollars.  That’s why we had to pass the 16th Amendment to have an income tax.  Second, a sales tax hits everyone indiscriminately.   This means that the poor will have to actually pay taxes, and there is no way politicians are going to pass that.  There could be work-arounds, but doing work-arounds invites fraud.

I say we judge Cain on the whole package and not worry quite so much about the 999 Plan.  Even so, Art Laffer (the father of supply-side economics) loves the plan, and that’s a pretty good endorsement.

Long Live the Constitution!

Romney vs Cain

Posted by Troy on 12th October 2011 in Current Events, Political

Right now, Cain is in the lead.  However, the GOP establishment still are backing Romney.  I postulate that the 20-25% that have always supported Romney will continue to do so.  Romney and Huntsman were the two moderates in the field.  All other contenders are Conservatives.  Huntsman is about out of it.  As such, Romney cannot steal any move votes away from him.  Here’s the real questions: as the bottom-feeders realize there’s no chance for them to win and drop out, do you believe that they are going to go to the Moderate Romney or the Conservative Cain?  I believe that Cain’s lead will continue to grow.

Herman Cain on the rise

Posted by Troy on 10th October 2011 in Current Events, Political

I’m diggin on Cain.  I hope he takes the top spot and becomes the nominee.  He’s telling it like it is.  He is upbeat and positive.  He is the American Dream.  Let’s compare the two.

Obama – Born to a couple of hippies.  The father abandons the family (hence the daddy issues he seems to exhibit).  Obama gets by in school while doing drugs and playing basketball.  He goes to college and hides his academic records from the world.  He gets out and never holds a private sector job wherein he would be judged solely on his performance.  He whines and moans about everything and blames all his problems on someone else. 

Cain – Born into a loving family.  His dad worked three jobs to get his son the opportunity to go to college.  Cain goes to college and works his tail off.  He works like a dog and accomplishes much, becoming a CEO.  He never blames anyone for his troubles.  He tackles them.  He is always upbeat and positive.

To me, there’s no contest.  If you want someone who will destroy Obama in the next election, Cain is your man.