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Why I will never vote for Michelle Nunn

Posted by Troy on 22nd October 2014 in Political

The main reason is: I don’t trust her.  Honestly, after the Healthcare passage, I have zero faith in any Democrat.  There were several Democrats that told their constituents that they would not vote for the Healthcare law.  When the party came a-knocking, they sided with the party, not their constituents.  That entire debacle has left the Democrat Party dead to me.  And yes, I have voted for Democrats before.  Never again.  I will either vote Republican or Libertarian (although I still prefer Libertarian Republicans such as Rand Paul to avoid the 3rd party giving power to the Democrats).  In particular, she says that we need to scale back the the budget…of course, we need to use a scalpel, not an axe.  What this always translates to is “No attempt will be made to balance the budget.  No scalpel will be used.  We MAY use an ax on the military to fund our domestic agenda, but that’s the only spending cuts we are interested in.  Don’t worry.  We outspend every other country in the world on military.  It is obvious that we are wasting this money because we already have the best military, so why do we have to spend more than anyone else?”  Of course, this logic completely defies a few facts such as: 1) We have the best military because we have always invested so much into it.  2) We spend more than anyone else because everyone else has gutted their own militaries to pay for their social programs, leaving us as the lone force to hold back the bad players.  3)  “World’s greatest military” is a title that can be easily passed to another country.  4)  There has been RELATIVE world peace due to the fact that America is so strong.  If America was weak, China and Russia would be invading all over the place.  God bless the nuke.

Here is the way Democrats see the world: We need more taxes to pay for more stuff.  People cannot handle themselves.  We need to make things cheaper by taxing people and having the government subsidize food and education and healthcare and everything else.  Of course, when you have a third payer system, all you do is jack up the prices.  Take education.  First, we have turned our primary/high schools into daycare.  It used to be that not all students finished high school.  As such, a high school degree used to mean something.  Now it doesn’t.  Why?  Because we use it as day care to keep hoodlum teens off the street (temporarily anyway).  Even crappy students that cannot read or do basic math somehow get a diploma.  Why?  Because we’ve become a society that awards just showing up.  To the Democrats, education is accomplished as long as the student’s butt is in the seat.  It doesn’t.  Education only happens when the student is motivated from within to learn.  This is something that has to be instilled by parents.  No teacher can teach a student if the student really doesn’t care.  So when a high school diploma means nothing, kids are forced to go to college just to get standard jobs such a receptionist.  This is insanity.  We are making people take calculus and learn philosophy to pick up a damn phone?  Yes, that is insane.  Of course, when when everyone has to go to college just to get any old job, then you have to help the poor afford college.  This means that you have to offer subsidies and scholarships (or loans, but how dare you expect people to actually pay for their own education?).  This allows the schools to jack up tuition.  Go back and look at the charts for tuition rates and for the government programs paying for them.  You will find that pre-government payment plans, tuition costs were reasonable.  Afterwards?  It grew and multiples of the inflation rate.  This is not a co-incidence.  If you want to control tuition costs, the answer is simple: cut core classes and just let people take courses that are pertinent to their degrees.  You could cut the number of classes someone has to pay for by 75% easily.  It also gets them to the job market faster, earns more tax dollars for the government, and frees them for debt.  The Democrat’s solution?  “Student Loan Forgiveness.”  Why?  Basically so that all the stupid college kids will become Democrats.  The only strategy any Democrat has is to buy your vote.  Eventually, the wallet will dry up.  These programs will all fail, and then we will be in bad shape.

That is why I will never vote for Michelle Nunn or any other Democrat.

Long Live the Constitution!

I blame the churches, honestly

Posted by Troy on 20th April 2012 in Current Events

The Ryan budget is coming under fire for “abandoning” the sick and the poor to the wolves.  I considered this.  Why should the government take care of the sick and poor?  Is that a natural function of government?  I don’t believe it is.  This all stems from Lyndon Johnson’s idea that we are the richest country in the world and can afford to take care of everyone.  He wasn’t clear if he meant everyone in the world.  There are several liberals in the government that believe so, and that is why we have talk about the global children’s rights treaty and cap and trade legislation. 

So that leads to the question, who used to take care of this?  Well, the answer is communities and churches.  That leads me to ask, well, where are they?  They’re still around…even if attendance is down.  So, why is it that they are not taking care of the sick and the poor?  I believe that this is a direct result of the welfare state that was created under President Johnson.  When he did so, he shifted the burden of charity from the churches to the government.  While I do realize that churches still help out members of their congregation, I also have to point out that they are involved with frivolous pursuits.  I do not believe that churches in the past spent nearly as much on stained glass windows and mission trips.  While I understand that spreading the Word is one of the Churches number one priorities, I believe that feeding the poor should be their top priority.  Also, I believe that the welfare state has robbed us of our inter-dependence.  People that may have once formed strong ties with the community and the church no longer do so.  It used to be that the community and churches were the safety net.  Now they are the social clubs. 

I respect the church.  I believe that religion and spirituality are of the uptmost importance to the human race.  I do not advocate withholding your tithe.  Instead, I advocate making sure that your donations go to where it is most needed.  Jesus would never care about the color of the windows in the building that people go to worship him.  Instead, he would care about how those people cared for those really in need.  Churches need to remember, while a pretty building may make their congregation bigger, charity makes it richer.

Budget: Ponder This

Posted by Troy on 7th April 2011 in Current Events, Political

Here’s a question for you to ponder:  How much of the federal budget do you think would get at least 50% approval if it were put to a national vote.  I’m sure the military would get 90% or so.  Roads?  Sure.  NPR?  Maybe, maybe not.  What about federally funded art?  Million dollar research grants to study the digestive enzymes of lobsters (I’ve actually read this one)?  I would guarantee that most of the stuff we spend money on probably is only getting 33% approval, so we have 67% coughing up dough for programs that the 33% wants.  Does that make sense?  In a way, it’s even worse.  Only about 50% of people pay taxes, so in some cases, the 33% of those getting what they want aren’t even kicking any money at all.