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Trump Hires Steve Bannon

Posted by Troy on 17th August 2016 in Current Events, Political

People are wondering what to make of Trump picking up Bannon to run his campaign.  Bannon seems pretty similar to Trump in a lot of ways, so what does he bring to the table?

I think what Bannon brings to the table is simple: a street fighting style.

Trump and Republicans in general have to realize: the media is on Hillary’s side and will do anything to help her win.  Anyone that has bothered to actually sit and watch a Trump speech will realize that the highlights they see on TV are false representations.  However, the average person only sees what the media wants them to see.  That includes right-wingers like Glenn Beck.

So, Trump was trying to play the game according to the rules.  He realized: This shit ain’t gonna work.  So he’s trying something different.  Instead, he’s gonna grab her by the throat and put her into the ground.  Really, it’s his only chance.  His only chance is to fight tooth and nail and run 100% until the election, and see what happens.

So, I approve.  At this point, no holds-barred.  Bare knuckles.  Two enter, one leaves.

The media will not play fair.  It’s time to go all in.

Long Live the Constitution!

Andrew Breitbart Strikes Back at Antony Weiner and the Soros Media Machine

Posted by Troy on 8th June 2011 in Current Events, Political

Love this soundbite.  This is exactly what is happening out there, particularly from the Left (as they control the main medial outlets).  Even with Weiner’s confession, they are still attacking Breitbart.  This is pretty incredible.  Every journalist has their slant on things.  Few people are truly objective.  In fact, a truly objective newspiece would be incredibly boring to read, but this is just inexcusable.