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Boston Bomber on the Cover of Rolling Stone

Posted by Troy on 20th July 2013 in Current Events

I don’t mind that they put a picture of the Boston Bomber, what I hate is that they used a glam picture.  The picture on the cover looks like “The Next Cat Stevens Releases His First Album!” picture.  This glamorizes a murder that killed children.  This is what they do.  I have no respect for Rolling Stone.  Personally, I view it as a magazine for brain-dead morons that either 1) need to be told their cool or 2) have their views and taste verified by a third party as being cool.   If they were to use a picture, they should have had a picture of him bloodied up and split screened it with a picture of a bloody person missing their limbs or the poor dead child.  That would have been a SHOCKING cover.  FAIL!

Long Live the Constitution!