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Another 2084 prediction comes true!

Posted by Troy on 20th August 2012 in Current Events

I like stories that show aspects of 2084 coming true.  While I did run things out to the nth degree, I find the essence of my predictions to be very valid.  For instance, schools are now using palm prints to charge their students for their lunches.  This is incredibly efficient.  However, how is this much different than the scanner chips I had installed in people’s hands in 2084?  Of course, their system is a little better than mine.  However, I had to have a chip so that people could be tracked via GPS.  It’s hard to do that with a palm print.  However, from a standpoint of everything else in the prediction, it’s right on point.  Consider that we could link your bank accounts to biometrics.  Your charge cards and bank account can easily be accessed as such.  This would virtually eliminate cash all together (which the IRS and others would love).  Of course, the argument for this would be that it would reduce crime and tax evasion (which are almost always done in cash transactions).  It would also be very secure as a thief would have to cut off your hand to steal your cash.  They could even sell scanners that attach to your home computer for on-line shopping.

It is very odd then, isn’t it?  Why is it that such move which should be beacons of light turn into tools to strip us of our freedom?  Why do they try to sell us on the idea that taking away our rights and freedoms to stop a handful of criminals is a great idea?  This is the exact same mentality that sold us the Patriot Act and the TSA and “stop and search.”  As Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Long Live the Constitution!

The silliness of tracking ammunition sales

Posted by Troy on 24th July 2012 in Current Events, Political

Well, it would appear that the general public isn’t biting for more gun control, so the Left is trying to pull back their reach.  Now they just want to get back to assault weapons ban and track ammo sales.  In particular, they claim that most police captains and sheriffs favor an assault weapons ban and tracking ammo sales.  I do not know if that’s true or not, but it doesn’t matter.  As with anything else, the police have a tendency to want to claim more power for themselves (just like everyone else in this world).  This is why they don’t like being videotaped even if they aren’t doing anything wrong.  It’s just their nature.  That’s why we have the expression, “Who’s watching the watchmen?”  I am not trash talking cops.  The vast majority do a great job, and they put their lives on the line to keep the peace.

I doubt there is any statistics to make this scientific, but the vast majority of these crazy nutjobs have read the Communist Manifesto.  Since the bulk of assault weapon owners will not commit a crime and the bulk of Communist Manifesto readers will not commit a crime, could you justify tracking everyone that buys a copy of the Communist Manifesto?  Why not?  Because it’s silly?  Because it’s inappropriate to track 9,999 innocent people’s transactions and purchases to catch one guy?  Yeah, those are good points.  Good points indeed.

There are legitimate reasons for stockpiling ammo right now.  The world’s going to Hell, and a lot of people want to prepare for doomsday.  Do you think they’re going to shoot people up?  No, probably not.  So why hassle them?  Maybe they just bought a new gun and want to do a lot of target practice.  The fact of the matter is, this guy could have purchased 100 bullets and had the same effect.  He didn’t have to buy 6,000 rounds.  He’s a nutjob.  One box of ammo is technically enough to go on a typical workplace rampage.  So what’s the threshold?  It’s retarded.  It’s just more Big Brother crap that’s hiding behind necessity.  As William Pitt said, “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human liberty; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

The whole assault weapons ban is silliness.  We could call it, “The really cool looking weapons ban” (stealing a little from Glenn Beck there).  Is a AK-47 any more effective at killing someone than a 12 gauge shotgun?  At close range, the shotgun is way more dangerous.  Is it more effective than two 9 mm pistols?  Again, at close range, the pistols are probably more effective.  Unless you are sniping people, a rifle is an inefficient weapon.  If you are sniping, there are better sniping rifles out there than the AK-47 (such as a .306).  We tried an assault weapons ban before, and it had no effect on crime rate.  Why?  Well, maybe because criminals will either buy it on the black market or just use a different gun.  Yeah, that does make sense.

You know how fewer people could have been shot?  If the entire front roll of that theater had rushed the guy, at most 2 people would have been shot, and they may have just been wounded.  This is life, not a video game.  It’s harder to shoot at people when you have ten men rushing you.  When you hit someone, they typically don’t just drop dead like they do in video games.  We need to do more of this.  Again, I point to that 70 year old at Virginia Tech.  If 5 eighteen-year-olds had followed his lead, the shooter would have been taken down there and then.

Long Live the Constitution!

There She Blows! – Obama’s Narwhal

Posted by Troy on 17th February 2012 in Current Events, Political

Welcome to your Technocracy!

Slate’s pretty much a crazy Leftist think puddle, but here you go.  This is the Left, personified.  You are not a person with complex views.  You are points of data on a line.  Slate praises Obama’s computerized technique, but this is nothing but Big Brother data mining when you get right down to it.  This is what happens when every second of your life becomes recorded (and this is reflected in 2084).  When we start relying on computer programs for everything, we end up failing.  We forget that people are people.  Part of the problem from the recent Housing Finance crash came from the fact that the formulas for the derivatives were developed by rocket scientists.  What this eventually taught us (after a financial crisis that allowed the Government to steal more money and liberties from us) was that math does a terrible job at predicting simple, self-interested, human behavior.  I was watching a documentary on Joseph Merrick (The Elephant Man).  Scientists wanted to know how he could possibly walk with such a contorted skeleton.  They made a computer simulation and ran it through a super computer.  After a month, the super computer was able to get the model to walk.  If I afflicted you with any sort of aliment, you would be able to figure out how to walk in probably less than five minutes.  Am I saying that a person is smarter than a super computer?  Yes, in some things.  A super computer will never understand some things that we just intuitively know.  Within a few steps, a person has figured out that twisting his foot to the right and only taking a half step with his left leg will let him walk with the least amount of pain and instability.  A computer will never understand fear, love, hate, greed, or any of the other things that humans just flat know.  Now, when it comes to running calculations, yes, the computer will stomp a human into the ground.  When it comes to chess, the computer will beat all but the best chess players, and the best chess players can only hope to win about 33% of the time.

What I find humorous is that the Left is so in love with Obama that they will praise him for using Big Brother tactics and writing his supporters off as units which can be predicted by a logarithm.  This is dehumanizing.  This is a step towards what I discuss in 2084 where humans are seen merely as resources to be used and valued analytically.  The other view is the classic view.  In a religious sense, every person carries the holy spirit inside them.  Murdering the holy spirit is the same as murdering God.  If you believe humans live for 70 years, then a single person does not matter in the least.  If you believe, however, than we live forever, then each human spirit is more important than any country, economic theory, or race as all these affiliations are merely temporary.

Long Live the Constitution!

i-Big Brother

Posted by Troy on 20th April 2011 in Current Events

Congratulations to Apple for getting on the suppression of Liberty train.  Their newest iphones and ipads now track you, second by second with GPS technology.  Apple is refusing to answer why they are doing this.  It wasn’t announced (ie, they didn’t want people to know about it).  Possibly, there is a reason for it which could be app related.  However, you are not allowed to opt out of it.  This is beyond the pale.  You need to write Apple and complain.  If you were going to buy one of these products, I highly recommend you do not.  This should not stand.

Long live liberty!