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Why I want to buy a Confederate Flag

Posted by Troy on 25th June 2015 in Uncategorized

Southerners!  Check it out!  Go to Google > Shop.  Type in “Confederate Flag.”  It comes back: Not Found.


Well, Google is no longer my search engine.  Not sure what I will be using.  I’m thinking of reviving  They have a fun name at least.  Maybe Lycos or webcrawler or hotbot is still out there…

All the major flag companies said “We’re not making them anymore.”  To which, I said, “Eh…no matter.  China will make them.  China will make anything!”

Wal-Mart and e-bay and Amazon said they wouldn’t sell them anymore.  To which, I said, “Eh…no matter.  People can buy them elsewhere.  Besides, the vendors have every right to decide what products they carry.”

But this is beyond the pale.  It is not up to Google’s discretion to decide what is appropriate for you to buy.  This makes them hypocrites!  They are always complaining about China and censorship, and they turn around and do the exact same thing.  It is amazing how quickly they moved on this!  A near blackout on this product for which demand has not changed or has even increased!  The powers that be decided they didn’t want you to have access to it, and poof!  Gone!

I can type in “Brother Sister Incest Fiction” right now and get pages and pages of pornography.  But we have a blackout on Rebel Flags.  I could probably find bestiality and all kinds of filthy ____ with less trouble than finding the damn stars and bars?!  Are you ____ing kidding me?

If you’re black (or liberal or whatever) and reading this and getting all upset about me wanting to buy a flag, let me ask ya…what if tomorrow the powers that be decided rap music is destructive and had Amazon and Google pull your access to that?  It’s freedom of speech.  You’re either for it or against it.  You can’t have it both ways because you sell out all speech when you sell out ANY speech.

Interestingly enough, this whole episode is reminding me of the other side of the Rebel Flag, the one that doesn’t get ANY press time.  It is a symbol for the time when the states stood up to the Federal government and said, “No.”  Regardless of the fact that it was on slavery (yeah yeah, we could spend all day debating it, but the root cause of most of the friction from North and South stemmed from slavery), it is still the time the states said, “No.”

The battle flag is not illegal.  I should be able to buy it if I want to.  If I wanted to run it up my flag pole, that’s my own damn business.  While I can justify Valley Forge’s decision not to make it and Amazon’s decision not to carry it, I will forever condemn Google’s hypocritical stance to censor it.

What speech is next for Google?  Shall they deny access to politicians?  What if they chose to black out information on the Founding Fathers?  Am I taking things to a silly level?  Maybe!  But I don’t care!  I am offended and pissed off on a very deep and personal level.  The logic is the same.  They have deemed themselves to be the adjudicator to the ideas you are allowed to expose yourself to!

Goodbye Google.  I shall not miss you.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why the NBA is Wrong in Their Punishment of Donald Sterling

Posted by Troy on 29th April 2014 in Current Events

I look forward to the clapping and standing ovations that issue forth of the mouths of those who preach tolerance.  Those who preach tolerance and extol the Freedom of Speech are almost always the first to condemn the use of that freedom the SECOND someone says something they disagree with.  Kudos to Bill Maher.  At least he is standing up for free speech, but this goes even further than free speech.  You might could convince me if this was something the moron (Sterling) said in public with a microphone in front of him.  No, this was something he said to a trusted friend (ie, mistress, ie whore he was paying).  She purposefully dragged this out of him.  She purposefully recorded it.  Why?  A mixture of revenge and an attempt to make more money on the offers for interviews or book deals or TV movie rights when everyone goes to check out the whore that brought down a racist.  I hazard that most everyone has said something to someone they trusted that they wouldn’t want plastered all over the internet.  What we have here isn’t about freedom of speech, it is freedom of thought, which is crazy scary.  He isn’t being punished for what he said as this was not said in a venue which could be expected to be public.  These are his private thoughts.  He is being punished because he doesn’t believe the same thing that the majority of Americans believe.  Query, if you went back 20 years ago, would these same people be clapping if Donald Sterling was punished because he was advocating for gay marriage? (Yeah, yeah, unlikely, but imagine if).  I will ALWAYS be against thought crime.  I find Communism to the the most abhorrent thing on the planet, but I would never punish someone for believing in it or even for advocating it, but I would always be there on the front line to fight and debate them until my voice gave out.  This man is going to be deprived of his property because people disagree with his beliefs.   We have decided, basically, that it is good and it is right to take property because we don’t like someone, and that is a dangerous and evil precedent.

Long Live the Constitution!