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Where the Gay Marriage Crowd Lost Me

Posted by Troy on 4th May 2015 in Current Events

The baker that refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding is being ordered to pay the couple $135,000 in damages for mental suffering.  Let’s let that sink in.

“I won’t bake you a cake.”


“I don’t like you.”

“Ow!  That hurt my feelings.  Give me $135,000.”

What kinda of p****a** people are we raising in this country?  That’s how hurt you were by this?  Really?

Bear in mind, this is no longer about their business.  The court has said that the owners PERSONALLY owe this.  They cannot file bankruptcy for their business and just end their business.  Nope.  They are being destroyed financially.

Also bear in mind that this was NEVER about a cake.  The lesbians in question would have had worse suffering if they had gotten the cake they wanted.  They wanted to be denied so that they could have this court case.  If all they wanted was a wedding cake, they could have gone to pretty much any other baker in town and gotten a cake.  It would have been far less trouble.  This is about forcing others to their will.  It is also about the attention they crave.  This is why I predict this to be one of the first gay divorces you will see as well.  It is about the spectacle.  It’s not about the relationship.

So that is where they lost me.  They are willing to destroy someone just because they can.  If this is how the pro-crowd is going to conduct themselves, they have lost my support.  It is sickening and abhorrent.

Long Live the Constitution!

Rapist sends “thank you” flowers to victim – Court forces shop owner to comply

Posted by Troy on 3rd April 2015 in Current Events, Political

I was rather sickened today.  A man raped a 15 year old girl.  Due to a technicality, he got off.  To celebrate, he ordered flowers sent to the victim to thank her for causing him to get off without any punishment.  The shop owner was outraged and kicked him out.  The rapist went to the courts and said he was denied service.  The court agreed.  They said the shop owner offered his services to the public.  He is not allowed to say no to anyone that can afford his services.  As such, the shop delivered the flowers.

Are you outraged too?

Probably.  Of course, I’m lying.  This didn’t happen at all.  (The difference between me and the mainstream media is that I will tell you when I’m lying to make a point).  The point I am making is: we LOVE it when people discriminate.  We just don’t like it when they discriminate against people we don’t think should be discriminated against.

I am, of course, talking about the rights of gays to force people to serve them.  I’m sorry, their right to purchase services.

There are only two ways you can come down on this: either you believe in the absolute right for anyone to buy any goods and services from any vendor they please OR you believe in the absolute right for all transactions to be voluntary.  Before Obamacare, I would have commented that you can’t FORCE people to buy anything…but times do change.

Of course, you’re gonna throw the Civil Rights Era in my face.  To whit, I will respond, “I really don’t give a damn.”  There, I said it.  Don’t bother bringing it up.  It will not sway me.  Because you have to have a consistent thought pattern to have any semblance of order in your life.

Would you force a Jewish band to perform for Neo-Nazis?

In Vegas, where prostitution is legal, would you force a prostitute to have sex with a patron she didn’t want to?

We can come up with hundreds of cases where you would approve of the proprietor’s decision to deny service.  So why not in this case?  Well…because in this case YOU don’t approve.  This is pretty freaking fascist.

I went into a barber shop to get a haircut.  When I went in, it turned out it was a black barber shop.  If the owner had turned to me and yelled, “Get your honky ass outta here,” what would I have done?  I would have shrugged and gone to another shop.  I wouldn’t WANT to give them my money.  Screw them.  What wouldn’t I do?  Drag them into court and force them to cut my hair so that I could say, “There, see?!  I can force you to do what I want you to do.”  [For the record, they did a great job cutting my hair and were very nice.]

Coming to that, I have to have severe suspicion about these relationships.  A strong relationship would say, “I don’t care what people say.  I am going to be with you.”  Instead, they seem much more interested in “making a statement.”  As such, I’m betting a lot of these cases are going to end in the first gay divorces.  Why?  Because I think it is more about the novelty, the spectacle, the attention…it’s not about the relationship.  If it was, they would go down and get a Wal-Mart cake, smile at each other as they cut it, laugh, and be happy with just each other…the only thing you really need for a successful marriage…each other.

It’s a sick state of mind…the desire to subject someone to your will.  That’s all this is.  Nothing else.

Long Live the Constitution!

Baker Forced to Bake Wedding Cake for KKK Themed Wedding

Posted by Troy on 5th June 2014 in Current Events

A baker recently rejected an order to do a wedding cake for a KKK themed wedding.  He said that he thought what the KKK promoted was wrong, against his religious beliefs, and he would not be a part of it.  The courts have ruled that he has no right to deny service to someone based on their beliefs, must attend sensitivity training (i.e., re-education), and bake that cake.  Also, he will be subject to government supervision for the next two years to make sure that he has not turned anyone one away due to their beliefs.  Outraged?

Well, this happened.  Except for the fact that it was for a gay wedding and not a KKK wedding.  So, what’s the difference?  “Well, we LIKE one group and we don’t like the other!  Duuuuh!”  I find that this compulsory part of the law is based merely on public opinion and not any real source of right and wrong and denying or not denying.  You can still deny service to people…just as long as it’s a group that the Left hates.

I personally believe it is up the shop owner to determine who they serve.  If they don’t want to serve you, take your business elsewhere.  What does it matter to you if they are choosing to forgo the revenue?  Better yet, post your disappointment.  If he wants to have that belief, that’s his business.  If it costs him money and possibly his business, that will be a test of his faith.  However, this isn’t about a wedding cake.  This is about the satisfaction of forcing someone.  They could go get a wedding cake from somewhere else.  It would be less hassle.  Of course, they wouldn’t have the satisfaction and the attention they got from shoving their beliefs down another person’s throat.

I believe you should be able to deny service.  I think you should be able to allow smoking on your property if you want.  I believe in property rights and in the rights of the individual to set who they will work with.  Only a fool would compel service from someone.  Could you imagine forcing a dentist to work on your teeth if they didn’t want to?  Oh dear, it seems I didn’t use enough Novocaine!  Oh well!!!!!

That is going to be one bland, ugly cake…

Long Live The Constitution!