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Muslim Clock Maker – It’s a bomb!!!!!

Posted by Troy on 23rd September 2015 in Current Events

A 14 year old Muslim student brings a “homemade clock” to school.  To be funny, I suppose, he made the clock look like a bomb.  The police come in and arrest him and check out the clock…which was not a bomb.  And everyone went crazy.

If I tried to board a plane and cracked a joke about “Oh, must be my bomb,” no one would bat an eye if I got tackled, strip-searched, etc.  Why?  Because I kinda brought it on myself by being a dumbass.  Don’t tell me, “He’s just a kid.”  Fourteen is plenty old enough to know how to build a bomb (check out terrorist training camps).  It’s also old enough to know that you’re being an ass.

It’s also important to note that this kid’s parents are Islamic political activists.  Also, the kid had to try multiple times to get in trouble for the “bomb.”  As such, they WANTED him to get in trouble.  This was the equivalent of intentionally spilling coffee in your lap so you could sue.

To everyone that’s upset by the cops’ treatment of this boy or thinks that it was racist…here’s a question.  If a white kid came to school with something that looked like a bomb, would you want that looked at?  Here’s another question: if you were the principal, wouldn’t you want the cops to come verify that it’s not a bomb, etc?  Of course you would.  Why?  Because if it WERE a bomb, and hundreds of school kids died, how would you like to be the one out there saying:

“Well, I heard there was a student with something that looked like a bomb, but I figured he was just joking around because he’s just a kid.  Besides, he was a Muslim, and I didn’t want to look like a bigot.”

How well do you think that would play at the next PTA meeting?

Long Live the Constitution!

Take down the flag!

Posted by Troy on 13th March 2012 in Current Events

A Georgia man was threatened with jail if he did not remove his flag, calling it an illegal sign.  While usually I would discuss how this is yet another attack on patriotism and national pride, trying to grind us down to where we will accept some sort of international law (such as Agenda 21), this is actually further proof of how there are so many laws on the books that none of us are safe.  If you speak out against the government, they can comb the books and charge you with something.  Have you ever been afraid that what you were doing, while harmless, could get you in trouble with the law?  I guarantee that you have been more actively afraid of trouble with the law than terrorism.  The reason for this is that our government has run amok.  The founding fathers wanted laws to be very difficult to pass.  They argued that several good law being defeated was well worth a bad law being defeated.  More laws are being made every single day.  These are laws in which we have lived just fine without for two hundred years (like the San Francisco law requiring hotels to use fitted sheets).  I believe in the rule of law, but there are limits.  We are losing our liberties by a thousand paper cuts.  It’s time we start taking it back.

Long Live the Constitution!

Protecting the Guilty

Posted by Troy on 21st February 2012 in Current Events

Recently, a man was arrested for holding a would be robber at gunpoint.  The homeowner was 61 years old.  In Georgia, if you are 65 years old, you can shoot someone dead, and it will not go to court.  Great law.  The rest of the states should take notice.  This guy was very nice.  He fired into the floor to scare the guy rather than putting three in the chest.  In hindsight, perhaps he should have put three in the chest and made sure there was only one side of the story.

The fact of the matter is that this is just another case of the government protecting the guilty at the expense of honest citizens.  In particular, they have a real gripe against gun owners.  The Left has been unable to restrict gun ownership as they would like.  The recent Heller case has put their task of shadow/piecemeal gun bans at risk.  What they can do is make people afraid to defend themselves because they will be arrested.

Humans, like all animals, have the God given right to defend themselves.  In Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond discusses the formation of societies and governments.  One of the first steps taken by the ruling class is to exclusively reserve the right of force to themselves.  While there is some logic to this, it also explains why human history had been a history of tyranny until the birth of America.  Liberty, and governments centered around protecting Liberty, was unheard of until the American Revolution.  When the government is the only one with the capacity to use force, they also have unlimited coercive powers.  If anyone that claims that the Founding Fathers did not want citizens to have the right to bear arms to defend ourselves against a government run amok, please refer them to Federalist Papers 46 and 29.

If we aren’t careful, we are going to wind up like England.  In England, a farmer is facing life in prison for killing one intruder, and the surviving intruder has the right to sue him.  If you think that giving up guns wouldn’t be so bad, it gets worse.  One lady put barbed wire around her property after it had been broken into eleven times.  The cops forced her to remove the barbed wire because it might injure intruders.  Isn’t that the point?  Another person put chicken wire over his windows after his house had been broken into several times.  He too was forced to take down chicken wire from inside his own home because it might hurt intruders.

The fact of the matter is that the criminal element has somehow become a voting block.  A large portion of our population has spent time in jail.  These people, and their loved ones, have in some sick way become a voting block.  Politicians can actual promise not to enforce laws and to make self-defense more difficult for law abiding citizens and somehow be re-elected!  This has to change.  In particular, we must never give up the right to self-defense.  No other creature on God’s Earth can be denied the right to defend itself, and God gave each of them the ability to do so.  We should be no different.

Long Live the Constitution!