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Romney’s father was a member of the KKK

Posted by Troy on 26th August 2012 in Current Events, Entertainment

It breaks my heart to have to report that Romney’s father was a member of the KKK.  It turns out that his mother was also a member of the Nazi party in Germany prior to coming to America.  It has been discovered that Romney grew up writing extensively about how the races should be separated and that the Thirteenth Amendment should be repealed.  Okay, all of that is a lie, but here’s a question: if this were true, don’t you think you would hear about it?  Don’t you think the media would cover it as being very relevant?  Don’t you think that people would question how a man that was raised by such people would be fit to run this country?

I highly recommend 2016: Obama’s America.  Here’s the thing, his dad was an anti-colonialist/socialist/communist.  His mother shared these values.  Regardless of where he was born, he grew up in another country (Indonesia) learning values that are not our own.  He was only sent back to America because his step-father was becoming progressively more pro-American, and his mother wanted to get Barrack away from such an influence.  His grandfather sought out a Communist to be Barrack’s mentor.  He went to school in Hawaii that holds a grudge against America for their colonization (although they should realize that it’s probably worked out for the best for them in the long run, honestly).  He associated with druggies and malcontents in school.  He associated with terrorists, communists, and anti-colonialists all his life including going to Reverend Wright’s church (an anti-colonialist/Black Liberation Theology leader).   So here’s a question, do you think that someone that grew up with people that hated America (passionately!) and chose to hang around with communists and socialists and other America haters would have a love for America we would want in a President, and why do you think the media never pointed all this out to us?

Read 2084.  Seriously.

Long Live the Constitution!