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Why Republicans MUST confirm Amy Coney Barrett Before the Election

Posted by Troy on 28th September 2020 in Uncategorized

I am going to keep this as short and sweet as possible:

1 – Does anyone really believe if the shoe was on the other foot that the Democrats wouldn’t flip the Court if they were in the same position?  Of course, they would.  Hell, they are talking about just adding seats and packing the Court, which is wildly unpopular.  As proof of this, Obama put forth a nominee to replace the arch-Conservative judge in his final year.

2 – In a scenario where Trump was elected in 2016 and in January, RBG dies and his replacement of her would shift the court and the Democrats held 51 seats, does anyone believe that they would confirm any of his picks for eight years (unless he just picked a liberal judge at any rate)?  And if they refused to confirm for 8 years, the media would cheer them for “saving the court.”

Basically, my first two points is just to show that the objections are strictly based on a political point-of-view.  Nothing more.

3 – No one is excited about Biden.  They are not.  What they could be excited about is “saving” RBG’s seat.  If that’s on the table, masses of Leftists would vote.  Now, it could be replacing her in such an expedient fashion will motivate them to “avenge RBG,” but hey, it could also demoralize them.  Regardless, I can assure you that “saving” her seat would motivate the hell out of them.

4 – This election is going to be decided by the Supreme Court.  Many states are making rules for Vote by Mail that are just bat shit crazy…unless you want fraud, in which case, they make perfect sense.  Justice Roberts would rule against Trump in any case because he doesn’t want people to think the Court is political.  There needs to be enough honest votes so that any case is decided FAIRLY, not just a knee-jerk “give it to Biden.”

I will say, that I am deeply troubled by this election.  No one will ever know who actually won because there are no safeguards on fraud.  If Trump wins overwhelmingly, they will say he cheated and the Left will burn the place down.  If Trump wins by a little, the Democrats will harvest enough ballots after the fact to make up the difference (odd how found boxes of ballots are always 90%+ Democrat…).  Trump voters will basically believe that the Democrats cheated.  And worst of all… if the Democrats win, they will punish the country for electing Trump.  They have already said their plan: DC and PR statehood, almost guaranteeing Senate majority in perpetuity; blow up the filibuster to ram down our throats everything they want; and pack the Court so nothing is ever called Unconstitutional.  These are scary peeps.  They are done playing.

Long Live the Constitution!