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Newsroom: Why America Isn’t the Greatest Country in the World

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2014 in Current Events, Entertainment

There is a clip from the Newsroom going around.  People are posting it as though it is some sort of deep commentary on America.  It is not.

First of all, the writer gives himself a leg up.  The Pro-America crowd limit themselves to under five words.  The Anti-America guy launches in a long winded, self-important tirade.  Of this, you are supposed to come away saying…gee…maybe America isn’t the greatest country in the world.  Also, the dude is a dick for the direct and derogatory speech to the asker of the question who has done nothing wrong and is (presumably) not on his level.

There are a few ways for me to rebut this.  I suppose the easiest is semantics.  The question was “Why is America the greatest country?”  Well, shoot, that basically goes under the assumption that we are the greatest country.  It was not, “What is the greatest country and why?”  To answer the question, one would pick those reasons which would be argued.  As such, the gentlemanly thing to do is to choose those aspects which you think does make America the greatest.

The second rebuttal is basically an extension of the first.  Why any country is the greatest is little more than a matter of opinion and cannot be proven.  This is because there is no reference point.  As the man points out…what parameters are you going on?  But this is not the argument he makes.  Instead, he hints at this and then goes on to say that America is not the greatest country.  It lacks conviction.

The third rebuttal is the proper take-down.  ”We have the most powerful military and the most powerful economy.”  Those are the two factors that determine the strength and greatness of any country.  You can have a 100% literacy rate and 0% poverty rate.  It does little good if the barbarians come running through and slaughter every man, woman, and child.

The final rebuttal is purely opinion.  I can talk of history.  I can talk of self-rule.  I can talk about a handful of colonies standing up to the greatest power in the world.  I can talk about the first Constitution.  I can talk about limited government, separation of powers, and the ideals of the founding.  I can talk about idealism and optimism.  I can talk about the total lack of fear when it comes to authority.  I can talk about imagination and drive.  I can talk about spirit and so many other things.  Unfortunately, I agree with the caustic jerk…we are on the decline with this generation.  However, we are on a decline due to professors and people just like this jerk.  Our children have long been at the mercy of teachers and media and movies that do their level best to promote socialism, demonize capitalism, ridicule patriotism, demean traditions and family values and religion, demonize our past completely, play off the Constitution as irrelevant, and promote the social state which has led to a generation of morons whose sole ability to support themselves is to vote Democrat.  However, with all this, I still say we are the greatest country in the world.  Why?

We cause we never give up.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bigger Threat: ISIS or America?

Posted by Troy on 8th October 2014 in Current Events, Political

Campus Reform did a segment where they walked around the campus of Harvard and asked students who was the greater threat to World Peace: ISIS or America?

Needless to say, they showed several students that said that America was the bigger threat to World Peace.  It is important to point out that this is an edited video.  There could have been hundreds of students that said ISIS.

In fairness, I think intellectual honesty demands the answer of “America.”  If you see the first guy (the one that is about to double pound two cups of coffee), you can tell that he really doesn’t want to say America, but America is a world power.  ISIS is a regional power.  If you are talking about World Peace vs Peace in the Middle East, then yes, America is the much bigger threat.  We could go off our rocker and attack China and Russia tomorrow and bam!  We have World War III.

Then there is the British girl.  I find it interesting that no one ever questions the “Why?” of anything.  She says we have destabilized the Middle East to protect our oil interests.  Just historically speaking, when has the Middle East EVER been stable?  They’re like your bipolar cousin that refuses to take their medication.  I doubt it will ever improve, honestly.  Do you think we got involved over there “just because?”  We can argue about the wisdom of getting involved long-term as opposed to taking market approaches.  However, doing so neglects history.  The Germans took over the Russian oil fields and tried to take the Middle East ones as well.  Had they succeeded, the Germans probably could have won the war.  This realization is probably what spurred our involvement in that messed up part of the world.  If the Middle East ever fell into our enemies hands (be it Muslim fundamentalists or dictators that allied themselves with our enemies), then we have a real problem (as would the rest of the free world).  Unfortunately, our short-term alliances with dictators led to the long-term hatred by the populaces of these places.  That being said, they probably would have hated us anyway, but that’s up for debate and discussion.  Again, we have never been popular in that part of the world and probably never will be.

I say that America is the greater threat to World Peace, but, for the last seventy years, we have also been the greatest force for World Peace.  Without the United States (and nuclear weapons), China and Russia would have tried to use their vast militaries to claim additional territory.  If they had the upper hand the way we did, the history of the world would have been much different.

Finally, no country or group is the greatest threat to World Peace.  The greatest threat to World Peace comes from human nature.  There never has been “World Peace,” and there never will be.  On the upside, democratic countries rarely go to war with each other.  This is the principle behind nation building in the Middle East and elsewhere.  The belief is that it is impossible to keep public support for any unnecessary war.  The common people rarely demand war, and will often vote out politicians that vote for war.  This is because it is the voters and their children who are on the front lines, fighting and dying.  As such, they are not going to support a war unless it is absolutely necessary.  Tyrants and dictators, on the other hand, maintain their power through fear and the strength of their military.  As such, they don’t care about public support.  This allows them to cave in to their darker desires and wreak havoc on the world stage.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hikers Released From Iran: Can we send them back?

Posted by Troy on 26th September 2011 in Current Events

They get off the plane.  Reports swarm them, waiting to hear the phrase we’re all waiting for:

“Thank God we’re home,” or, “Thank God we’re free,” or any variation thereof.  We all expected that they would be thankful to be free and have a newfound understand of living in freedom.  Instead, we were treated to:

“Two years in prison is too long and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran,” by Bauer.

What political prisoners are they speaking of in America?  The only possible conclusion is that they could be talking about those people in Gitmo.  I should think that there is a fair amount of difference between trying to kill soldiers and hiking in the mountains.  Most of the people who could be considered “Political Prisoners” are in jail probably on such charges as murder and arson and other charges.  You know why that is?  Because we have a jury based justice system.  You cannot convince a jury of 12 to sentence someone because they are a Democrat.  You can, however, do something like that in Iran. 

I will give one out for this statement.  If he is talking about American citizens who have been detained in regards to the Patriot Act and never charged with a crime or afforded a jury trial, I will agree.  However, I do not extend Constitutional protections to aliens who are here illegally and those who have voided the conditions of their visas (such as by plotting to kill Americans).  However, I will always defend these rights for each and every American.  I don’t care if they plotted to kill millions of people.

Long Live the Constitution!