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I was wrong

Posted by Troy on 13th December 2017 in Current Events

It is rare that I have to admit I was wrong.  I had predicted that Roy Moore would win because Alabama voters wouldn’t want a Democrat representing them.  It didn’t pan out that way.  I guess there is a level of personal flaws that will cause voters to elect someone who will try to impede laws they want and push for laws they do not want.  In fairness, I do get it.  Also, it does not cost the Republicans the majority.  It’s only for two years before Doug Jones is going to get kicked to the curb.  It will also take away a major bullet the Democrats were wanting to use next year, so all in all, I can live with it.

Before Democrats gloat too much, just remember:  you ran against a creepy guy that chased under-aged girls, and you only won by about 1%.  You didn’t even get 50% of the votes.  A little humility may go a long way under the circumstances.

Long Live the Constitution!

Alabama’s Elegant Solution to Gay Marriage

Posted by Troy on 29th June 2015 in Current Events

Alabama is getting out of the marriage license business, a business that the government really didn’t have any business being in anyway.  They will not tell you who you can or cannot marry.  The only real requirement is that you cannot be married to more than one person at a time.  I have always said, “Why do you have to get permission from the government to marry someone?  It never should have been a thing anyway.  It is a bit fascist, when you really think about it.  The neat part is that it also takes a matter out of hand.  Previously, those who opposed gay marriage were going to have to live with their government sanctioning something that they viewed as abhorrent.  Alabama has found a way to satisfy the requirements of the Supreme Court while maintaining their constituent’s desire not to sanction such unions.  Very well done, Alabama!  A very Libertarian solution to the problem.  Gays can marry and receive the rights as such, but the people do not have to sign off on such unions.

Long Live the Constitution!