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The Media and Obama

Posted by Troy on 4th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

If the roles had been reversed, the entire media complex (minus Fox) would be mocking Romney and saying that Obama had the election all sewed up.  So what do we hear about today?  We hear that Obama just refused to go into the ditch with Romney.  Really?  We hear that he was distracted by all the moves of the Conservative media.  Is that all that it takes to distract him?  I feel really safe sleeping at night now.  Then Al Gore says it’s because he flew into Denver that afternoon.  How is Al Gore an intellectual leader of anything?!

One thing: The Left wants to know why Obama didn’t hit the 47% remark.  It’s because it’s a loser.  It’s easily countered by the truth: “That remark was taken out of context.  I was explaining why I was not going to use campaign funds and time to try to target those people who live on government money.  It is because I will not get the vote.  They belong to you.  I will say to anyone out there, if you want to live on the government check, vote Obama.  If you want a job, vote for me.”  OUCH.  Look for this to come up in the Town Hall debate.  Obama has nothing but contempt for the “average man,” and he assumes that we are stupid and will buy this heavily edited clip as proof that Romney is an elitist.

Long Live the Constitution!

Romney’s “Secret” Tapes

Posted by Troy on 18th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

Don’t cha wish you could see Obama’s secret tapes?

1.  Before you get upset about this, imagine if one of your friends was secretly taping you.  Don’t you think that they would be able to catch you saying something rather embarrassing?  He had his guard down.

2.  He’s being taken out of context.  Imagine if I said, “Racists believe that whites are superior to blacks.”  They do, don’t they?  Okay, what if someone then took a clip of me saying, “Whites are superior to blacks.”  Would that one clip make you think something completely different than the first sentence said by me?  Of course.  This is why Romney is asking for the full tape to be shown.  Someone probably asked him what he could do to get the 47% that weren’t paying taxes, and he said he wasn’t worried about them [getting their votes] because they would always vote Democrat.  Won’t they?  Is anyone honestly going to tell me that you expect welfare recipients to vote Republican?  Not hardly.  A vast minority there.  I had the common decency to take on Obama’s “You didn’t build that comment” in the context that he made it (and still destroyed him).

3.  Don’t you think that there is a certain logic that the Democrats would like over half the country to be on the government pay one way or another?  We are almost there!  3% away.  Ouch.  The joke is that we have nearly destroyed the country getting to 47%.  Four more years of this and we’re toast.  One thing about it, if Obama wins, it will be the last Democratic president for twenty years.

4.  Does anyone think Palestine really wants “Peace” with Israel?  Do you think that they will happily co-exist?  Romney’s being honest.  He would like a two state solution, but as long as the Palestinians are the way they are, that solution will never work.

5.  The man behind releasing these select clips is President Carter’s grandson who has a chip on his shoulder for how people talk about his grandfather.  Yeah, if that loser was my grandfather, I’d have a chip on my shoulder too.

Long Live the Constitution!