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Another 2084 prediction comes true!

Posted by Troy on 20th August 2012 in Current Events

I like stories that show aspects of 2084 coming true.  While I did run things out to the nth degree, I find the essence of my predictions to be very valid.  For instance, schools are now using palm prints to charge their students for their lunches.  This is incredibly efficient.  However, how is this much different than the scanner chips I had installed in people’s hands in 2084?  Of course, their system is a little better than mine.  However, I had to have a chip so that people could be tracked via GPS.  It’s hard to do that with a palm print.  However, from a standpoint of everything else in the prediction, it’s right on point.  Consider that we could link your bank accounts to biometrics.  Your charge cards and bank account can easily be accessed as such.  This would virtually eliminate cash all together (which the IRS and others would love).  Of course, the argument for this would be that it would reduce crime and tax evasion (which are almost always done in cash transactions).  It would also be very secure as a thief would have to cut off your hand to steal your cash.  They could even sell scanners that attach to your home computer for on-line shopping.

It is very odd then, isn’t it?  Why is it that such move which should be beacons of light turn into tools to strip us of our freedom?  Why do they try to sell us on the idea that taking away our rights and freedoms to stop a handful of criminals is a great idea?  This is the exact same mentality that sold us the Patriot Act and the TSA and “stop and search.”  As Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Long Live the Constitution!

Obamacare or Obamatax?

Posted by Troy on 2nd July 2012 in Political

And the dance begins!  Obama is so happy his bill survived, but suddenly he has another problem.  Now, he has to call it a tax.  If they say, “it’s not a tax,” then people can respond that it has to be a tax otherwise it is unconstitutional.  As Romney is already saying, “Is it unconstitutional, or is it a tax?”  If you count the actual cost of this “tax” to the people, it is going to end up being the single biggest tax increase in history (after accounting for the skyrocketing insurance costs which we will be obligated to buy and all the penalties).

In 2084, I said that Obamacare was created to fail.  It was meant to fail to usher in a government, single-payer system.  After looking at this law further, I think I was too kind to it.  This bill is a killer.  It is literally going to destroy businesses.  If it is not defeated, we will be Socialists.

When I was growing up, Socialism was bad and Capitalism was good.  Suddenly, everyone wants to give Socialism a fair shake.  Look, Capitalism works.  That’s the beauty of it.   Nothing has done more to raise the mass of men than Capitalism.  Socialism leads only to destruction.  If you point to our debt and say we have the same issues as the Socialist countries, I agree…but these are all a direct result of the socialist programs of Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, and the like.

We would have been better off if we stuck to the old ways.  Families should take care of their elderly family members.  Communities should take care of their poor.  Families and individuals should have to make the hard choices in medical care.  Perhaps if they had to face those choices, they would choose to live healthier lifestyles.

We must defeat Obamacare in 2013.  All the destruction comes in 2014.  Know why?  It’s after Obama’s re-election.  If you could see what is coming, there is no way you would support this bill.

Long Live the Constitution!

Another round of edit?

Posted by Troy on 14th May 2011 in Writing

I’m closing in on the “last” round of editing for 2084.  That leaves the old question…do I do another round of editing, or do I assume it’s perfect?

Character Bio: Barack Kennedy

Posted by Troy on 9th May 2011 in Writing

Barack Kennedy is George Washington’s supervisor in the novel, 2084.  Of all the characters, he is actually my favorite character for a few different reasons.  The first is that his is an unknowing antagonist.  In fact, I would suspect, if you asked him, that he would consider George his friend.  The second reason is that he is one of those rare characters who you root against due to no fault of his own.  He isn’t evil in any sort of the way.  In fact, he is quite likable.  Finally, he is actually a pretty cool guy.  I think, under different circumstances, he would be the kind of guy I would like to hang with.


Posted by Troy on 30th April 2011 in Writing

Working on the edit for 2084.  I’m very blessed to have Terri for an editor.  She had a command of the English language that somewhat escapes me.  Her changes have really tightened up the writing style.  61% through the edit.  After that, I will do one more read through, and then it will be published.

2084 update

Posted by Troy on 16th April 2011 in Writing

2084 should be out of edit within the week.  I have to look over the proposed changes and make any that I agree with.  After that, I will be doing the formatting for the printer, and it will be complete.  I should have it all done by the end of the month.  Then the hard part starts, marketing.