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The Election Results

Posted by Troy on 7th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

My hope and faith have been replaced by a grim determination to survive four more years of Fascist rule.

I had hoped that there would be enough enthusiasm on Romney’s side to carry him, but apparently the 47% Romney talked about was just as enthusiastic to defend their right to free stuff.  By the way, that whole 53/47% thing was a reaction to the 99/1% thing at the time.  Remember, context matters.  53% of people pay income taxes, the others are takers on the other side.  Again, imagine you offered to buy your friends lunch.  You were going to buy them a burger from McDonalds, but they take a vote and you have to take them to Ruth Chris instead.  Does that sound logical to you?  Why are the people who aren’t paying for the lunch getting a say in the lunch?  That’s what we have done, and now we are paying the price.  Gee, I wonder if the leeches will say, “No, I’ve have enough,” or if they will saw, “Why does my Obamaphone only come with 100 minutes per month?  That guy has an unlimited plan, I should too!”

His re-election defies logic.  He started his Presidency with 80% approval.  Over four years, that has been a steady slide to 50%.  Gee, I wonder if we can use trend analysis to figure out how the next four years will work out for us!  Unemployment is pretty much flat.  Regardless of the lip service, experts predict that it will actually go back up to about 9% for 2013.  Great.  GDP is growing at about 2%, which is pathetic.  He’s already proven that he will not work with Republicans.  Mitt was going to do what he said he would…because there is proof that he can work with people from the other party!  Obama will not do so.  To Obama, the fiscal cliff and debt downgrades and other catastrophes are bargaining chips to get exactly what he wants.  ”Do it my way, or the country will be destroyed, and I will blame you.”  There is no give and take, and this is the time when we actually need some give and take.

The Middle East is burning, but who cares, honestly?  Screw the Middle East when the Constitution is burning.  He lied more than Nixon, but he’ll never be impeached.  Even trying to impeach this Fascist will get you labeled a racist and the Senate wouldn’t convict him if they discovered a tape of him having sex with a 14 year old.  If R. Kelly could get away with it, why not Obama, right?  We have no standards these days.  We’ve tripled the money supply.  As a result, gas and food prices are soaring, but that’s not inflation.  There’s no correlation between prices and money supply these days.  It won’t get worse now that we are going to try indefinite printing of money.  That won’t affect our debt rating.  That won’t prevent people from buying our debt knowing that we are going to repay their $1 of debt with $.75.  I guess that won’t matter.  As long as we have free birth control.  God, how horrible would it be to live in a country where you have to buy your own $9 a month birth control.  Praise Obama!  Pa-Raise him!  He has saved us from having to take care of ourselves and support our own lifestyles.  Pa-Raise him.

He had 50% approval when he actually cared what you people thought about him.  Now, he’s free and clear.  Now comes the fun part of his reign.  Watch for Executive Orders to set right the evils of this country.  Remember, both he and Michelle were members of the “We Hate America” crowd in college.  Do you really think they’ve changed that much?  He wanted flexibility with Russia, he got it.  UN treaties with the force of law?  You got it!  Giving away our sovereignty to a global government?  You got it!  When Obamacare hits in 2014, all the bad stuff that he postponed until after his election, look for businesses to fail while we already have 9% unemployment causing a chain reaction which devastates us.  Watch for the stock market to tank after he does away with the “unfair” capital gains rate.  Come and talk to me after 2014 about this would be savior.  Come talk to me when China will not lend us any more money and he has to take away your Obamaphone.

The great reset is coming.  Get some guns and ammo to deal with looters and rioters when they have to shut down the socialist machine.  Three to six months of rice and beans for the adjustment period when the reset button is hit, and pray that we emerge under the Constitution and not under the tyranny of a totalitarian government.  Read 2084, the Search for Love, Hope, and Faith.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bill Clinton’s lament

Posted by Troy on 5th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

Some people are accrediting Obama’s impending victory on Clinton’s endorsement.  These are the reasons why Bill Clinton will end up regretting his support of Barrack Obama should he win a second term:

1)  I don’t really think that Clinton likes Obama.  I don’t he’s liked him since 2008.  I think that he knows Obama is inept and is as dirty a politician as any other.  ie, he’ll lie or do whatever it takes to make what he wants happen.

2)  Four more years of Obama will leave this country destroyed.  There is no way that Hillary will ever have a shot at being President as people will blame the massive destruction at Obama’s feet.  He will be unable to blame it on Bush after 8 years, particularly in 2014 when provisions of the Health Care Act destroy the economy.

3)  Even if that was not true, the truth about Libya will come out.  Given Hillary’s “my bad” speech where she took full responsibility, she will never be trusted as Commander in Chief.  She couldn’t even handle the security of an embassy.  Do you think they will give her control of the armed forces?

4)  Obama is no Bill Clinton.  God bless him.  All Bill wanted to do was have sex with interns and be beloved.  As such, he moved to the center, and the House Republicans gave him balanced budgets and welfare reform.  Obama will never do that.

5)  Bill is ruining his own legacy.  Hear me out:  he is making a liar of himself (okay, that’s an easy job for him, but still!).  There is no way Obama will do anything like he suggests.  Obama will never reduce the deficit.  His policies will not improve the economy.  He will never bring us together.  Things will fall apart.

Hillary’s shot may all be dead already.  However, if Obama is re-elected, her fate is sealed.

Long Live the Constitution!

Sandy attacks the northeast

Posted by Troy on 31st October 2012 in Political

A lot of people are asking: How is this going to affect the election?

I think that it is difficult for a President to get a boost from handling a storm correctly.  Now, blundering it might hurt them, but doing the baseline of whatever it is they are supposed to do probably won’t help them.  I just don’t see people seeing the Federal government as their salvation.  Also, most of the states affected are going to vote for Obama regardless.

I would like to point out: Romney was criticized for politicizing Libya.  However, the media cheers when Obama politicizes a natural disaster!

For those who say: how dare you!  The President is helping those in need!  Okay… where was he when the entire state of Texas was burning?  Where was he when Memphis was underwater?  He didn’t seem to care.  Was it because those states are “Red States?”  Or does it have to be closer to an election for him to give a damn?

The President is doing nothing about this storm.  If he was put in charge of the relief effort, this thing would be a mess like you would not believe.  No, the head of FEMA and the Red Cross, and others are doing the relief efforts.  All Obama has done is shown up for photo ops and to take up valuable time from people actually doing work so that he can get said photo ops.  Meanwhile, when Americans were dying in Libya, he was no where to be found.  He IS Commander in Chief!  That is an actual duty of his.  Where was he?  Now they say that Obama didn’t order the stand down.  Their story is so convoluted that it cannot be believed.  So which option do you like?

1)  Obama knew nothing and the state department blew it.  Great, so a Commander and Chief that doesn’t know what’s going on?

2)  Obama knew of the attack, but thought it was a protest.  Wait, they said they knew it was a terrorist attack.

3)  Obama knew of the attack but didn’t order help.  So you have the balls to order a strike into an “ally” country to kill bin Laden but not to save our people?

4)  Obama ordered the rescue effort, but the order was cancelled.  This would be a lie unless Obama fires the person that gave that order.  The fired person would immediately turn and rat Obama out, so he can’t do that.

5)  Obama ordered the stand down.  Not good, and he just lied and said that he didn’t order it.

Notice, there are no “win” positions for the man!

Long Live the Constitution!

Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 16th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

The real answer: tie.  Whichever one you support, you think won.

Now I will give my detailed reactions throughout the debate:

Obama said that everyone needs a great education.  This is wrong.  Do we need janitors with PhDs?  Nope.  When it comes down to education for all, it’s a lie.  We will need janitors and garbage men and grave diggers, and there’s no reason why they should be saddled down with student debt nor taking away class time from those that we want to be rocket scientists, doctors, and lawyers.  Of course, he wants to build roads and bridges.  Bridges and roads.  Of course, only the Democrats think that roads are a natural function of government…not!  Hey, if roads equal jobs, why don’t we build four lane highways to every rural town in the United States?  Ask the Russians how government planned, uneconomical expansions work out for them.  It doesn’t.

Romney finally dealt with how bankruptcy for GM would have gone.  Thank you, Romney!  Yes, GM would still exist.  Union contracts would have been renegotiated, and the companies would be in a much stronger position they are now.  Right now, all we have to look forward to is the further bailing out of them in the future.

Obama wants to double gas mileage.  That’s nice.  Of course, what this will mean is that all US made cars will be hybrids that cost at least $10,000 more than their foreign counterparts.  What this means is that our companies are going to be slaughtered in the market.  Good going!  He wants all this investment in the energy sources of the future…at 16 trillion in debt and counting.  Has it occurred to him that we would be better served to let other countries figure out how to make the green energy affordable and then copy their technology?  Works well for Apple…  Just saying…

Romney finally threw Obama’s comment about coal plants going bankrupt under Obama’s plan in Obama’s face.  Thank you, Romney!  Finally, let that come to light.

The moderator is completely bias.  Obama ended with 3 minutes more speaking time than Romney.  Obama was allowed to invade Romney’s speaking time.  I was quite happy when Romney finally took control and basically told Obama “Sit down, I’m talking!”  Obama’s body posture suggested indifference or worse.

Then Obama says “The reason gas prices were so low when I got in was the economy was bad.”   WHAT?!!!!  What?!  Are you kidding me?  Gas prices are determined by if the economy is good or bad?

I appreciate Romney’s ability to control the flow in the face of a hostile environment.

Romney finally did a good job explaining his tax policy.

Obama responded by going to class warfare suggesting the rich had attacked the middle class over the last twenty years.  He claims that a balanced budget is a moral obligation despite the fact that Obama has racked up 6 trillion in debt and is slated to have another 4 trillion in debt in the future.  His main thing seemed to be claiming “I’m like Bill Clinton!”  I would like to point out that Marxists always demand “fairness,” and that’s what Obama keeps pleading for.  Obama’s plan for improving the economy?  College and hiring veterans.  WHAT?!  Oh my God!  Finally, what is different between a tax cut and tax rate cut in his opinion?

Why does the moderator always let Obama get the last word and drone on and on and on?  Man…such bias!  There is GREAT advantage in getting the last word.

Per usual, Obama resorts to antedotes in regards to women’s rights and claims that Romney wants to prevent women from getting contraception.

Then the most bias question of the night:  ”You’re like Bush, aren’t you Romney?”  Where was the “You’re like Carter, aren’t you Obama?” question?

Obama’s answer:  Bush!  He’s to blame for all this!  It wasn’t me!  Shaggy would be proud.  ”Just say It wasn’t me.”

Then we have  a real question…inflation.  Obama droned on and on and didn’t answer the question.  Didn’t you triple the money supply?  That probably has something to do with the inflation rate.

A Latina asked a question.  Why can’t either of the candidates get her name right?  Romney did a bad job holding Obama to account.  He tried, but what he should have said is “You had both houses.  You could have passed whatever you wanted with not a single Republican vote.  Why didn’t you?  You promised the Latinos you would.  Why didn’t you?”  Bam.  Obama’s dead.

Moderator: Do you ever intend to stop Obama from talking over his allotted time?!  No?  Oh, okay.

Obama responded: I wanna change the topic!

Then we come up with Libya.  Obama’s response?  I’m going to talk and not say anything-his typical answer.  Romney’s reply to the whole Libya thing, after setting him up, should have been “Then you’re incompetent.”  If he didn’t know it was a terrorist attack until 14 days after, he’s incompetent.

Then Obama gets onto the 2nd Amendment.  Of course, all liberals think it’s about hunting and protection.  It is not.  Read the Federalist Papers.  The 2nd Amendment is to protect us from a government run amok.  Romney didn’t see the win.  We already had a assault weapons ban.  Know the effect on crime?  There was none.  Amazingly, criminals are willing to use a different weapon if they can’t get an AK-47.  As far as the shooter in Colorado went, more people would have died if he had used the 12 gauge and his pistols.  At that range, a rifle is actually a worse choice.  If the people had rushed him, he would have only killed 2-3 people max.

I want to give Romney pure bravery points.  He said the truth.  You want to stop youth crime and give the next generation opportunities, get married before having a kid.  I’m surprised Obama didn’t turn that against him, but Romney is 100% right, and that was the bravest thing I’ve heard from a politician – EVER.

The Obama talks about his plans.  After spending so long talking about Romney’s loopholes, what’s Obama’s plan?  To close loopholes!  Hilarious!  Then he starts talking about how he is for self-reliance, and I wanted to yell, “Bullshit, you Commie bastard!”  Neat thing…you can call Obama a bastard and it’s technically correct.  When he talks about “leveling the playing field,” he is talking about Marxism, people.  Wise up.  He has often said that it is the government’s job to ensure that everyone gets a fair shake.  That’s not self-reliance.  That is saying that all social justice is a function of government, and social justice is a function of Marxism.

And, as usual, Obama got the last word, and he used the out of context 47% comment.

Let’s see how this moves the polls.  I will, of course, pull for Romney.

Long Live the Constitution!

War on Women

Posted by Troy on 26th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

Every time I hear the phrase “the war on women,” I have an instant thought: “Brainwashed Zombies.”

If there’s an actual war, you know it.  You don’t need Sandra Fluke out there telling you that Germany is at war with Poland in WWII.  Even metaphorically, you don’t need someone to tell it to you when you’re really being oppressed.  Again, you know it.  The blacks knew it during Jim Crow.  Some may have tried to live around it as best they could without raising a fuss, but they knew that it was  wrong.  So let’s just call the “War on Women” what it is: propaganda.

If someone says that to you ask, what constitutes a war on women?  They will probably tell you two things: they want abortion illegalized, and they want to do away with contraception.

The first, I cannot really deny.  Many on the Right would like to see abortion abolished.  However, this has nothing to do with what feminists would tell you.  Ask a feminist why the Right wants abortion illegalized, and the feminist would tell you that it is a mechanism to control women (same with birth control).  It is not.  It is completely a belief that life begins at conception.  If you believe this, then you have to think that abortion is immoral.  It’s that simple.  If you don’t believe that, then it’s merely a choice.  However, pro-choicers wish to have their cake and eat it too.  You see, if it really is a choice, then fathers of illegitimate children should be able to sue to force an abortion or, if the woman CHOOSES to continue the pregnancy, well, that’s HER choice.  As such, all the cost should fall on her.  Regardless of anyone’s desires on the Right, as long as Roe v Wade is the law of the land, there is no reason to worry about this.

The second is just silly.  No one wants to make contraception illegal.  No one wants to take it away.  The Right doesn’t want to force Catholics (and others) to provide medical services that disagree with their religion.  That’s all.  Adam Corolla said that “I love beer, but just because other people aren’t forced to buy my beer for me doesn’t mean I don’t have access.  It’s on me to provide that for myself.”  Paraphrasing there.  If you can’t afford birth control, cut out the data plan on your smart phone.  If that doesn’t work.  Go to the free clinic.  If that doesn’t work, tell your boyfriend or husband to provide birth control or else there is no sex.  You will be amazed at how fast he can provide it for you.  They might even go out and get a job.

Open a dialog.  Most of these poor fools don’t know they’re being used.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why Obama deserves to lose

Posted by Troy on 17th September 2012 in Current Events

GM is alive, Osama is dead.

1) GM is alive, but only because they have been effectively subsidized by the taxpayers.  Owners of GM wish to buy back their stock, but the government won’t let them.  Government Motors is killing them, but Obama is unwilling to take billions of loss in an election year.  So they are alive…but they would have been alive anyway if they had been allowed to go through the bankruptcy process.  It would have hurt the labor unions though, and that’s where it is.

2) Osama is dead.  Yep, but hell, time would have handled that for us for free.  Romney was criticized for saying that getting him wasn’t worth moving heavens and earth to get him.  So here’s a question.  Osama is dead.  Kidney failure would have gotten him anyway.  Was it worth a trillion dollars and thousands of dead soldiers to get him?  Which would you rather have?  Besides, anyone would have ordered that raid.  Sorry.

3) Current estimates are that we will have 9.5% unemployment next year.

4)  $4.00 gas is here.

5) After apologizing to all of the Middle East, we are slowly getting kicked out and murdered over there.  Nice.

6)  He was supposed to unify us but has divided us.  Particularly, he wants to divide us by class, and that is unAmerican and socialist.  There, I said it.  Enjoy.

7)  We will be downgraded to AA- .  Yey!

8)  He has tripled the money supply and is about to give us more of it.

9)  He has sold out our national security and the security of our allies.

10)  He’s inept.  Just inept.  Domestic policy?  FAIL.  Foreign Policy?  FAIL.  The only thing he does well is having the media spin for him.  Past that, he’s a paper tiger.

Long Live the Constitution!

Another Day of Idiots at the Democratic National Convention

Posted by Troy on 5th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

How telling is it that they had to take a vote to bring the word “God” back to the Convention.  Apparently snubbing the religion of 80% of the country was a bad move.  How funny is it that they had to take the vote three times?  It’s even funnier that the Democrats at the Convention were too stupid to take the hint and say “aye!”  You can hear the lady in the back ground say “Go ahead and do it anyway,” or something to that effect.  After it was announced that 2/3rds said yes, everyone booed.  There was no way more than 50% said “aye,” but there you go.  At least the Republicans didn’t have to take a vote to be able to say “God bless America.”

I won’t be shopping at Costco anytime soon.  Not that we have one around here anyway, but if we did…  Is this what the American Spirit has been reduced to?  ”Anyone can succeed with a lot of hard work, a little luck, and a little help from their neighbors and their country.”  What the hell is that?!  When did that creep in?  It’s sickening.  As now we have have to have help to succeed.  I guess you can’t keep a good man down as long as he had some financial assistance from the taxpayers.  Right?

I’m sick of labor unions.  Please show me one Republican that is for the abolition of labor unions?  They just want to end the practice of forcing people to join unions.  The time of unions have come and gone.  The unions should be put back in the toolbox as any good tool after its usefulness has worn out, to be brought back out if the need arises.  Have you ever wondered what happened to the typewriter makers?  Oh, their time came and went?  Right.  So we closed the plants.  Do we keep on making stuff that no one wants or needs?  (I am aware you CAN buy a typewriter still)

As far as Fluck goes, who is talking about taking the right to contraception away?  We just expect you to pay for it yourself.  Look, if you need contraception for a medical condition, that is one thing.  If not, then it is a recreational drug.  Buy it yourself, yo.  It’s cheap!  Do away with your data plan on your smart phone and you’ll have cash to spare for that contraception.  No biggie.  Oh, and where were all these women for the past decades while men pay more for auto insurance?  I didn’t hear any complaints then (not even from men).

Next, I want to talk about Elizabeth Warren saying that corporations aren’t people, and they aren’t.  They aren’t people in the same way that churches are not people.  Schools are not people.  Families are not people.  Communities are not people.  Towns are not people.  Countries are not people…but they are, aren’t they?  They are made up of people.  As such, what hurts these GROUPS OF PEOPLE actually HURTS PEOPLE.  I know it’s a hard concept to figure out, but give it a try.

And that brings us to Clinton.  Ah, Clinton.   I miss Clinton.  You could send him a bus of well-marbled interns and keep him busy for days.  I wish we could do the same for Obama.  First, Obama is not Clinton.  Clinton moved to the Center after the people slapped him with the 1994 election.  Obama did not.  All Obama did was say he would do what he wants without going through Congress.  For a Constitutional scholar, I guess he missed the whole “separations of powers” thing.  Obama, you can’t do that.  You don’t get to say how the money is spent.  I love these jobs numbers.  We have not added near enough jobs to handle the new people entering the workforce.  As such, that is a net loss of jobs.  If you need 200,000 jobs a month to maintain the employment rate and you only get 100,000, you didn’t gain 100,000, you went down another 100,000 jobs.  Not good.  Clinton argues that the Republicans claim that the Democrats want everyone dependent of government.  Gee golly, I don’t know why you would get that idea after the Democrat National Convention considering how they tell you that the only way anyone succeeds is by government spending and government programs.  Did you notice that?  In the lexicon of the Democrats, only the hand of the Government keeps you from falling into the fiery pits of Hell (or whatever Hell is for them).  Finally, here’s the thing on Obamacare: they put all the popular things in the first 2 years of it.  This is because they need these to get elected.  This law is the hammer to small businesses.  In 2014, the economy will crash and burn if Obamacare is left in place.  Let me also break down a little Constitutional law for ya: Clinton claimed that the Republicans are the ones that caused the debt (Reagan, Bush, and Bush).  Hey, dummy, Presidents are not the ones that do the spending.  That is Congress.  The majority of deficit spending has come at the hands of Democratically controlled Houses.  Fact.  Can’t deny it.  Why is it that the Democrats want me to get felt up before I can fly but think getting an ID is too much to vote?  Also, the Dream Act has caused immigration enforcement to be impossible.  Amazingly, everyone that is caught has said that they came as a young child!  Golly!  That didn’t take long, did it?

Again, how dare you invoke the Founding Fathers!  Nothing in your platform would have ANY support from the Founding Fathers.  You disgust me.

So, in summary: more fear, more bashing, and more class warfare.


Ron Paul and the 2012 election

Posted by Troy on 27th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

First, I supported Ron Paul.  That being said, we should not do any sort of write-in campaign.  Should Obama win in 2012, there will not be a country left to save by 2016.  The fact of the matter is that Libertarians currently have no shot of winning a Presidential election.  That is sad but true.  However, what is more useful is to go after House seats.  These are manageable elections that we can win.  In particular, Libertarians should reach out to the Tea Party.  While they are most often associated with Conservatives, you will find that the average Tea Partier is more in line with Libertarianism and Constitutionalism.  Libertarians should try to gain power inside the Republican Party (do remember that Ron Paul is technically a Republican).  While I do think that Libertarians appeal to Republicans and Democrats, I do not think that Libertarians can be Democrats.  The current Democrat schematic is for greater entitlements and greater government spending.  This necessitates greater regulations, laws, and bureaucracy–these are tenements that cannot be reconciled with Libertarianism.  If Libertarians have more Legislative seats, we can turn back bad laws.  We can also trim down government spending.  Finally, we can audit the Federal Reserve.  However, if Obama wins, we are toast.  Understand that I understand where you are coming from, but we must be patient.  We need to win district after district in the primaries.  We need to become a regional force.  Then we will push to become a national force.  After that, then we can try for the White House.  If we try for it now, the only thing that will happen is that Obama will win re-election, and then there is nothing left to save.  Our nuclear arsenal will be further diminished.  We will give up more sovereignty to the UN.  We will continue to print worthless money destroying our dollar.  We will gain so much debt that it will be in surmountable.  There will be no possibility to remove Obamacare which will completely wreck our entire economy.

Long Live the Constitution!

Romney’s father was a member of the KKK

Posted by Troy on 26th August 2012 in Current Events, Entertainment

It breaks my heart to have to report that Romney’s father was a member of the KKK.  It turns out that his mother was also a member of the Nazi party in Germany prior to coming to America.  It has been discovered that Romney grew up writing extensively about how the races should be separated and that the Thirteenth Amendment should be repealed.  Okay, all of that is a lie, but here’s a question: if this were true, don’t you think you would hear about it?  Don’t you think the media would cover it as being very relevant?  Don’t you think that people would question how a man that was raised by such people would be fit to run this country?

I highly recommend 2016: Obama’s America.  Here’s the thing, his dad was an anti-colonialist/socialist/communist.  His mother shared these values.  Regardless of where he was born, he grew up in another country (Indonesia) learning values that are not our own.  He was only sent back to America because his step-father was becoming progressively more pro-American, and his mother wanted to get Barrack away from such an influence.  His grandfather sought out a Communist to be Barrack’s mentor.  He went to school in Hawaii that holds a grudge against America for their colonization (although they should realize that it’s probably worked out for the best for them in the long run, honestly).  He associated with druggies and malcontents in school.  He associated with terrorists, communists, and anti-colonialists all his life including going to Reverend Wright’s church (an anti-colonialist/Black Liberation Theology leader).   So here’s a question, do you think that someone that grew up with people that hated America (passionately!) and chose to hang around with communists and socialists and other America haters would have a love for America we would want in a President, and why do you think the media never pointed all this out to us?

Read 2084.  Seriously.

Long Live the Constitution!

Iowa Results

Posted by Troy on 4th January 2012 in Current Events, Political

Now I would like to give my two cents on the results of Iowa:

Romney:  He won by 8 votes after spending a fortune.  If Bachman had dropped out, then he would have lost to Santorum as none of her votes would have gone to Romney.  Despite Ann Coulter and others supporting him, I don’t think he will be the last man standing.

Santorum:  He’s my second choice.  I do think he’s forgettable.  He gives pretty solid answers to questions.  Overall, I like him best of the “Same old, same old” candidates.

Ron Paul:  I would have liked for him to do better.  I think he would do better if they just allowed candidates to discuss their platforms instead of doing debates.  Whenever they ask him a question on debates, it’s about Iran and newsletters and other things that don’t matter.  Really, compared to the impending demise of the dollar and our economy, whatever Iran does is meaningless.  If we go bankrupt, we can’t do anything about them having a nuke anyway.

Gingrich:  I think he may have shot himself in the foot by abandoning his “nice guy” act.  That was the only hope he had.

Perry:  I just think he’s too far down to have any hope.  I also think he’d be destroyed by the media and Obama.

Bachman:  It was her last gasp, and she quit.  I like her, but she’s not meant to be President.

Huntsman:  If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.  He needs to drop.

I’m predicting Santorum will get the nomination, but I will continue to hold out hope for Ron Paul.  Stranger things have happened.