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Debt Limit

Posted by Troy on 14th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

They are still pushing to give Obama full power to raise the debt limit.  The premise is that increasing the debt limit doesn’t spend any money.  As such, the power doesn’t have to reside in the Congress.  This is where that falls apart.  Imagine that you give your 18-year-old a credit card for emergencies.  Now, imagine if he had the power to raise the debt limit from the $500 you originally vested it with to whatever limit he sees fit.  How would that sit with you?  Now, you might trust your son…but imagine after 4 years it was to be handed off to someone you didn’t know.  This would put way too much power in one man’s hand.  A President could single-handly destroy the country by not raising the limit.  Likewise, a President could force the limit to be increased to accommodate their financially irresponsible party and also destroy the country.

The Congress needs to get together and do their job.  It is that simple.  If they cannot come to an agreement, then the debt should fall.  We can’t keep going like this.  I would sooner suffer another Great Depression than to forsake the Constitution.

Long Live the Constitution!

Proposed Unconstitutional Moves

Posted by Troy on 9th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

In response to the issues facing us today, some people are proposing broad, unrestrained, executive power as the solution.  In layman’s terms, turning the President into a dictator.  Here are some of the suggestions:

1)  For the debt limit – Let’s just mint a one trillion dollar platinum coin.  This would be used to pay off the debt.  Wow, yeah, the rest of the world couldn’t figure out that this is the same as printing one trillion more dollar bills and paying off debt, monetizing the debt.  Peachy.

2)  For the debt limit – Give the President the power under the Fourteenth Amendment to raise the debt limit as he sees fit.  I still don’t understand what interpretation supports this.  Congress has control over all spending.  That includes the debt limit.

3) Gun control – Use some sort of executive order to work around Congress to counter a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Here’s an answer to all of these tactics.  If he uses any of these tactics, he is acting in direct opposition to the Constitution.  All of these issues are meant to be addressed by the three co-equal branches of government.  Laws are meant to be written and passed by the Legislative Branch, signed into law and enforced by the Executive Branch, and interpreted by the Judicial Branch.  When one branch takes it upon themselves to make, interpret, and enforce the laws, that is the act of a dictator, and he MUST be impeached.  Of course, people are too chicken to say it.  He could burn the Constitution on live TV, and anyone calling for his impeachment would be called a racist extremist.  Oh well, huh?

Long Live the Constitution!