Why you should not vote for Obama

Posted by Troy on 25th July 2012 in Political

As someone who is concerned for the future of the country, I want to explain why you should not vote for Obama, and I hope you share this with your friends.  I will try to explain what all he has done over the course of his first term in office.

1)  He tried to try the 9/11 terrorist in New York.  They pressed hard for this for months.  Only the extreme, overwhelming outrage of the voting public stopped them from doing this.

2)  He said he would close Gitmo, and he didn’t.  What this basically means is that he said one thing and did another.  Closing this base could have been done instantly if he wanted to.  He said what his base wanted to hear and then did the other.  This is akin of if a Republican President claimed he would stop gun control and then passed the assault weapons ban.  It’s a betrayal, but his base doesn’t seem to care.  Why is that?

3)  He did the auto bailout.  A lot of people claim this is a positive for him because he saved the auto industry, but he did no such thing.  He saved the Unions.  If we hadn’t had bailed them out, the auto companies would have gone bankrupt, some other company would have bought the company, and they would be able to renegotiate the terms of the labor contracts that are killing these companies slowly…so they are going to go bankrupt again in a few years.  They save the unions at the cost of the shareholders, bond holders, and taxpayers.  Yipee.

4)  Cash for clunkers was a waste of taxpayer funds.  It destroyed perfectly good cars.  It cost more pollution to build a new car than it does to keep driving a “clunker.”  It cut into the used car market so that the poor had less cars they could afford as well.

5)  Stimulus, stimulus, stimulus.  He claims that Keynesian economics work, but Keynes wrote about government spending when those governments had surpluses.  Instead, he created a pool of money with little oversight and corruption that increased our debt dramatically.

6)  In exchange for driving us further into debt with China, we were supposed to maintain an unemployment rate of under 8%.  It’s still over 8% and would be well over 10% if we still had the same labor participation rate we had in 2008.

7)  He engages in class warfare.  Read the Communist Manifesto.  It’s us vs them.

8)  He divides us over any criteria he can come up with: sex, race, religion, region, and class.

9)  He engaged the military without congressional approval in Libya.

10)  I don’t care what the Supreme Court says, the individual mandate is unconstitutional.  If they make a law that you have to buy a new car every single year or pay a $1,000 fine, do you think that is a legal law?  Hell no.  Need I remind you that Plessy vs Ferguson was wrong.  It’s a legal OPINION.  Sometimes they are wrong.  They were wrong in this case and see my other posts on this matter.

11)  He gets little credit for killing Osama.  If we weren’t in Afghanistan and didn’t do the interrogations that Bush ordered, we wouldn’t have gotten him.  Besides, any President would have made that call.  Not doing so would have been political suicide.  Not committing political suicide is not a daring decision.

12)  Eric Holder.  Need I say more?

13)  The administration knowingly let drug cartels from Mexico buy guns and take them across the boarder to reinforce their designs on gun control.

14)  The administration has to continually plead the Fifth.  It’s their only defense.

15)  The President offered someone a job to drop out of a Primary so that Specter could get his seat back (in payment for turning coat).  This is extremely illegal.

16)  The President lies all the time and isn’t good at it.  Basic body language tells you.  Watch when he scratches his nose.  At least be good at it!

17)  In 2008, he admitted raising the capital gains rate would lower tax revenues and hurt the economy, but he is for it because it is the “fair thing to do.”  Wow.  Class warfare anyone?

18)  If he can’t appoint who he wants, he declares that Congress is in recess and appoints them anyway, perverting the Constitution.

19)  If you are white and from the South, you’re the devil.  Pure and simple.  His first two years in the Presidency made me sick with that nonsense.

20)  If you’re against these things: drone strikes against US citizens.

21)  Despite all the talk, when push came to shove, he renewed the Patriot Act.

22)  He’s tripled the money supply.  Hello, inflation!  Coming up.

23)  Our AAA bond rating is gone!  Gone!!!!!

24)  Michele Obama tries to tell us how to eat even though she has no problem shoveling food into her own gaping maw.

25)  Why was our President and his wife trying to get the Olympics in Chicago while our military leaders needed to talk to him about Afghanistan?  Priorities people!

26)  How many vacations does the First Family need to take?  How about a staycation in these troubled times?

27)  Have you tried to fly lately?  He’s ramped up the TSA, and now we have to get felt up or irradiated if we want to get on a plane.

28)  He’s for religious freedom…unless of course it gets in the way of his ideology.  In which case, screw your God.

29)  He takes a stance for gay marriage, but won’t do jack for them because he just wants their vote and their money.

30)  He undermines our immigration laws by talk of the Dream Act, etc, which is just for votes and is unfair to all those who came here legally.

31)  He is all about multi-national operations and gives up our sovereignty whenever he can.

32)  He commits our money to Palestine.  Last time I checked, only Congress can control where the money goes.

33)  He spits in Israel’s face whenever he can.

34)  He’s afraid of China and won’t do jack to stop them.

35)  His credit card protection bill gives the government the right to check out your purchases whenever they want to.

36)  Even he admits that under his energy plan, electricity costs will skyrocket.  The media refuses to report on this even though he openly admits it.

37)  He smoked pot and did coke when he was growing up, but hey, it’s cool ’cause it’s Obama.

38)  He grew up with a communist mother in a foreign country and befriended a communist for a mentor growing up and in college.  His values are not our values.  Period.  He has surrounded himself with Socialists and Communists all his life.  If Romney surrounded himself with KKK members, do you think the media would write it off?  Hell no.  If all your friends are druggies, you’re probably a druggie.

39)  He doesn’t understand war or the military.  Everything’s a political concern for him.  Either a war is worth fighting or it isn’t.  If it is, do everything to win.  Overwhelming power and get it over with.  If it’s not, then call it a day and come home.  Otherwise you’re just wasting time, money, and lives.

40)  When he gets off the teleprompter, the guy is an idiot.  I’ve never heard so many “ugh ugh ugh”s in my life.  He’s not eloquent.  He just has a good speaking voice.

Long Live the Constitution!

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    Good read! That’s a good case to make not to vote for Obama!

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