Why Common Core is Doomed to Fail

Posted by Troy on 26th April 2014 in Current Events, Political

I recently saw a advertisement of teachers for Common Core.  They argue that Common Core is not a Washington takeover of the education of this country.  Instead, Common Core is supposed to be about raising standards.  Is that all?  Well, Hell!  Let’s just say that all 3rd graders should be able to do calculus.  There.  We just raised standards.  Can’t we all agree that living in a country where all of our 3rd graders can do calculus would be great?  You bet!  (even though calculus is utterly useless to 95% of all people…and that’s being generous).  This is where I realize that the entire thing falls apart.  I think they could have a better chance of selling me on this new initiative if they tried to say that it was a Federal takeover because the states have failed at doing education.  Raising standards is meaningless.  Are there standards now?  Um, I guess so?  Are they being met?  Um, probably not?  So, what good does increasing the standards do if the current, lower standards aren’t being met?

Common Core will fail for exactly the same reason that the current schematic fails: it does NOTHING to motivate the kids.  We have decided that teachers can’t smack the kids around, so that is out.  The kids have no drive to succeed, and parents are not motivating the kids to succeed.  As long as these two things remain constant, there is nothing that we can do.

I have advocated offering cash rewards to the children in exchange for getting A’s.  Is it fair?  Um, no.  Do it through 8th grade, and you will see results like you have never seen.  At this point, they will have the skills necessary to succeed at higher grade levels.  It is probably also a lot cheaper than anything that the government can come up with.

Long Live the Constitution!

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