What Really Happened to Osama bin Laden in Pakistan

Posted by Troy on 5th May 2011 in Current Events, Political

There are so many questions.  One thing is for certain, the Administration is hiding something.  I have finally figured out what has happened:

We did kill Osama bin Laden.  There were survivors.  They would have refuted or confirmed if he was there.  As such, we have to assume we really got him.

So, why would we dump the body?

We dumped the body because the body told a narrative that they didn’t want to be told.  It told the story of a man who had been shot in the back or otherwise died defenseless.

What Obama wanted to happen:  We fly in.  He puts up a fight.  We kill him.  We give him an honorable funeral.  The whole Middle East sees we’re not monsters.  Obama’s poll numbers jump into the stratosphere, and he rides it to re-election.

What really happened:  We flew in.  He either tried to surrender or just didn’t fight back.  We couldn’t take him alive.  Could you imagine the amount of trouble we’d have?  Military tribunals, criminal cases, bomb threats, the Middle East demanding his release, et cetera.  No, Obama had to have ordered him killed.  We had that funeral service up and running pretty quick.  This was all planned out.  However, we had to kill unarmed people who tried to keep him from us.  The body was ruined in the process.  Remember that picture of Hilary looking shocked?  It was probably at the deaths she was witnessing.  Amazingly, 30 minutes of the tape of the raid is blacked out.  Huh, gee, I wonder what was on there.

I do no begrudge what happened.  That man was Evil, and the world is better off without him.  Anyone who lived in that house with him knew the type of man he was and was complicit in him escaping justice.  You lay down with dogs; you get flees.  The problem is that Obama is not a strong leader.  A very strong leader would have assassinated the man, and not taken credit for it.  Oh, Pakistan would have known it was us, but they wouldn’t be able to prove it (until our helicopter died there).  A strong leader would have just come out and said, “We killed him for his crimes.  Let this be a warning to all those who would kill innocent Americans.”  However, Obama started a ball of lies rolling.  Regardless of if bin Laden tried to surrender or if he was armed or not, he needed to die.  Taking him prisoner would have caused so much more pain and suffering.  We all know what would happen if we had him in jail.  Those Seals saved us so much.  The cost of one bullet probably saved us millions in security and court costs, not to mention property damage and loss of life in suicide bombings.  I don’t think Osama was terribly concerned that people in the World Trade Center were unarmed.  We have to lose this obsession with thinking that the entire world has Constitutional rights.  The right to Due Process of Law is only guaranteed to citizens and those who are here legally and thus covered under the Constitution’s jurisdiction.

The reason Obama can never admit to it is that this operation pretty much betrays everything he ever said on the campaign trail.  He has never kept a single promise he made in the campaign.  In fact, he has pretty much done the exact opposite on all fronts except for Obamacare.

3 Responses to “What Really Happened to Osama bin Laden in Pakistan”

  1. Pink flower Says:

    I agree

  2. Kimberly Berry Says:

    Troy, this is some conspiracy theory, however, I think you give Obama way too much credit. I don’t think it was an assaination, but maybe a cover up of something that went wrong. In anycase, I believe it would be wrong to show the video publicly. It would only endager our men who serving abroad because it would incite and create more violence. I am not sure what happen, but I really don’t care. I find all of the attention that has been placed on this topic quite disheartening. These controversies only serve as diversions from the real issues at hand, which is the budget of course. We have a economy that has some serious concerns. How long are we going to continue on t-bill to China money? We have an energy crisis that needs solutions. The last thing I want to see is us to be dependent on another country especially in South America. What new technology is on the horizon and who will be bringing it to us. Who has these anwers for us. If no one does it really doesnt matter who we put into office because it will be business as usual.

  3. Troy Troy Says:

    Just as long as he’s dead. I don’t believe people will be talking about bin Laden in a month. I know Obama wants them to, but people will move on to other things. As I said, when you’re unemployed and paying $5 for a gallon of gas while watching politicians sell us to China, Osama bin Laden being dead isn’t much comfort.

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