What it will mean if Obama wins

Posted by Troy on 30th October 2012 in Political

The director of the Avengers predicted the zombie apocalypse should Romney win.  Of course, this is based on no logic or anything else for that matter.  I also like how the Obama crowd seems to ignore the fact that the man has been in office for four years.  It’s like he has a clean slate somehow.  It’s just bizarre.  Obama supporters may want to gloat should he win, but it will do no good.  It will not hurt my feelings.  I will be sad, as I know what will be coming, and you have no clue.  Here is what I think you can look forward to if he wins:

1)  He will do away with the capital gains rate for the “rich.”  Yey!  What this really means?  Those people that had large gains in the market will sell off their stocks to take advantage of the 15% rate rather than pay 40%.  That’s a 25% decrease in their rate of return.  This sell off will cause the market to crash.  Worse, the new rates will cause people to move their money elsewhere.  Why risk the money in the stock market when you can get a sure return elsewhere?

2)  He will continue with his economic policies.  the CBO has projected 9% unemployment and under 2% GDP growth over the next two years if this happens.  Yey!

3)  With large unemployment, slow GDP growth, and stimulus spending (his economic policies), we will see trillions and trillions in debt over the next four years.  Enough to completely dismantle the economy.

4)  Obamacare will stay in place.  Yey!  Of course, in 2014 when all employer penalties kick in, it’s going to be a different story.  As I mentioned, his economic policies are going to lead to pitiful growth and continued unemployment.  With a weak economy, there will be plenty of  businesses that are already suffering.  This $2,000 per employee “tax” is going to be the bullet in their head.  When these businesses close up shop, there are no jobs to replace the jobs that are lost.  This will cause a spiral.

5)  We are going to discover that the head of the Department of Justice was involved in Fast and Furious.

6)  We are also going to learn that Obama knew about the terrorist attack and lied to Americans and jailed that filmmaker as cover just so he could win the election.  This is far less than we impeached Nixon, but the Senate will be full of Democrats, and they will never impeach Obama.  Also, any talk of doing so will brand you a racist.

7)  He will close Gitmo and bring the prisoners to American soil.  I don’t know why you want this.  Look, what do you want to do?  If we release them, they will be terrorists or breed more terrorist.  If we kill them, there will be international outrage.  The only other option is to keep them locked up forever and ever.  Great choices all.  Why do we care that they are kept in Cuba?  Seems like a great place to keep these people, honestly.  Tell me what we are going to do with these people which isn’t utterly retarded.

8)  Huge concessions and nuclear disarmament will take place with Russia.  Remember, Obama wants a nuclear free America.

9)  Treaties will be made with the UN calling small arms gun registration and control, UN involvement in your parenting, international law over the seas, and other god awful stuff.

10)  We will continue with QE3 until our currency is destroyed.

There are other stuff, but these are the worst things that are coming.  I figured I’d give you the top 10.

Long Live the Constitution!

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