Posted by Troy on 13th February 2011 in Current Events, Political

A Florida judge has ruled that the health care bill is unconstitutional because of the individual mandate.  Also, he points out that, since they didn’t add a severability cause, the whole bill is unconstitutional.  I find it interesting that Obama’s legal team suggested they put one in there, but Obama chose not to do so.  Why?  He had to know that that would be the point of contention.  Why give an enemy a point of weakness to attack?  This is the sort of thing that leads to conspiracy theories.  But to what end?  He poured on such political capital.  He made this bill the make or break of his Presidency.  This was to be his legacy.  Why?  It’s senseless…

I will say that I am glad the judge ruled the way he did.  Even if you think that it’s a good idea for the government to tell us we must buy health insurance, there is no way you would support that power.  It’d be good if we all ate more broccoli.  So, why not let them tell us that as well?  There are those who point out that the Constitution is not a perfect document, that it has been changed just because of this, and I agree.  It’s not perfect, but it’s meant to be amended by rule of law.  That’s the difference between our system and parliamentary systems.  If they don’t like a rule, they just change it.  To change our rules, you have to get the governed to consent to it.  The fact of the matter is that, particularly on the Left, they just want to blatantly ignore the restrictions of the Constitution because they know that their ideas would never have the widespread support needed to pass with the People.

Long Live the Constitution.

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