Trump’s Responses In Debates

Posted by Troy on 29th September 2016 in Political

Anytime a debate moderator decides to ask a question that is personal in nature and is one sided (Trump’s tax return, past comments on women, and birther-ism), Trump should say something like this:

“I’m so glad you’ve asked about that.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot.  I mean, we had over ten bombs planted in our major cities.  We have had people shot by cops.  We’ve had cops ambushed and executed.  We have Secretary of States selling influence through their family foundations.  I think about all of this, and I have to say…who the hell cares if I asked for President Obama’s birth certificate?  I want to talk about things that ACTUALLY MATTER to the American people.”

“You haven’t answered the question, Mr. Trump.”

“I’m sorry.  I thought I was clear.  Let me rephrase.  When I see shootings on the rise, and hatred rising about the very people that are supposed to connect us.  I think we need to come together.  We need to get back to being a unified nation.  We need to start talking again, and listening to each other, and actually fixing these problems instead of pitting sections of America against each other for political gain.”

“You have to answer the question.”

“No.  I’m here to answer the questions the American people want answered.  Not the ones YOU want answered.”

Every time they try to take it there, list 4-5 things that are going wrong with America.  You can always say: “Twenty Trillion in Debt!”  add in one factoid of corruption/ineptitude about Hillary, and move on.

Long Live the Constitution!

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