Too Little, Too Late

Posted by Troy on 17th March 2011 in Current Events, Political

For the first time ever, I will post twice in one day, but I really want to speak about Libya.  We waited for the UN to pass their resolution.  As for their style, they dragged their feet until their actions will be meaningless.  We allowed Libya’s air force to harass the rebels and round them up into a single stronghold where an organized military will smash them.  It was a waste of an opportunity and human life.  We could have liberated this country from the hands of a despot.  Instead, our leaders’ inability to take the lead wasted the opportunity.  If we had just moved, Gaddafi would have fallen and America would have looked like a hero in the region.  Instead, we will look impotent and dictators will be emboldened.  Such a waste.

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