The Oregon Shooter and Gun Control

Posted by Troy on 5th October 2015 in Current Events, Political

So another mass shooting occurred.  It took Obama about two minutes to make a statement.  Of course, his statement was:  ”This has become routine.  What I’m going to say has become routine…”  Yeah, so shut the ____ up.  Don’t you get it?  We do not want what you are selling.  Of course, the usual things came up.

“We must have greater gun control!  We’re not after all guns, we just want some common sense gun control.”

Okay, well, what would you have recommended then?  Perhaps an assault rifle ban or universal background checks or a registry or something like that.  Okay, well, how would that have stopped this?  Do you think that he couldn’t have killed just as many or more people with a sawed off shotgun?  Of course, hammers kill more people in a year than assault rifles.  Most gun deaths come from handguns.  Over half of all deaths are suicides (more on that later).  Even taking those out, hoodlums with pistols are much more of a problem than “assault rifles.”

“No one should be able to get these kinds of weapons.”

Right, so lets make them illegal.  That way, no one can get them.  Just like drugs.  Face-plant.  Move on.

“We could save the lives of those who commit suicide.”

Interesting that the Democrats are all over assisted suicide, but somehow think it’s their higher purpose to ban guns to prevent suicide.  Ends justify the means?  Of course.  They don’t care if you live or die.  Hell, if you are an older, Southern White Male, they’d probably prefer you die.  Just saying.

“You are more likely to be harmed by a gun in your house than protected by it.”

Oh, that suicide statistic keeps paying dividends, doesn’t it?!  Of course, the people trying to take your guns don’t live in the ghetto or out in the woods by themselves.  Most of them live in well-to-do neighborhoods with dedicated police forces protecting them (assuming they don’t have their own security staff).  But hey, they’ll keep you safe.

Hillary made some comment about how we are willing to accept the occasional act of mass murder as the price of having the right to keep and bear arms.  I’ll tell you the truth.  YEP, I am.  I am much more afraid that our government will go ape-shit crazy and start oppressing the hell out of us than I am about a murderer.  I have a feeling, if you ask the average American which he had more fear of: the government running amok or that he may be a victim of a violent crime, I think more people would fear the first.

I am unwilling to give up the right to keep and bear arms because it the the last line defense of life and liberty.  You can quote me any crime statistic you want.  That will never change this fact.

Also, laws will not make you safer.  If it did, there would be no rape.  There would be no murder.  There would be no child molestation.  The only thing that makes you safe is morality.  Interestingly enough, the Left is all about undermining the one thing that will make our society safer while expanding the thing which makes us less safe (the government).

Long Live the Constitution!

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