The New Gestapo

Posted by Troy on 10th April 2018 in Current Events, Political

Hmmmm, isn’t it interesting how the very people who were calling Trump Hitler are the ones cheering the police busting into a lawyer’s office and taking papers?  This is some serious SS shit.  We are in a police state.  Think of an America where a judge will issue a warrant to go in and seize your lawyer’s notes?!  Holy shit!  Now, you can say, “But they can’t use them against you.”  Oh yah, sure.  I’m sure that they will get a disinterested third party to read through them all, sort through, and completely forget all that he read and not let people who what he read.  I’m sure that the knowledge gleaned from those notes won’t be used to hunt for additional crimes and misdemeanors.  Wink wink, nod nod, say no more.  No reason to be alarmed now.

Long Live the Constitution?

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  1. tammi Says:

    I agree. It is interesting. So funny to me how all sides of politics use similar tactics and how they all find ways to justify them. The current climate is particularly scary to me as we have the far left stirring up support from folks here illegally and the very young who don’t have any real world experience. I guess that begs the question that is it real world experience that keeps us at war, perpetuates poverty, etc. However, I think human nature thwarts the idea of a totally even level world. Just hasn’t been proven out that people will not seek to better themselves. People don’t let go of power easily.
    But it blows my mind that the far left – politicians and other group leaders – can sway people to believe some of these things. It’s okay for folks to be here illegally. We shouldn’t stop folks at the border and turn them back. The government should take care of everyone. ……

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