The Global Bankers Association Consipracy

Posted by Troy on 8th October 2012 in Political

There’s a theory going around that the global bankers are out to get everyone and control world event and what not.  Here are some of the problems with this:

1)  If the bankers are running world affairs, that basically puts the Islamic extremists on the side of good, since they systematically fight the “free” world.  Doesn’t it?

2)  If they really have their hands in everything, they really suck at running things.  I think if I hand unmitigated ultimate power, I could pull off the “New World Order” change over much faster.

3)  The end result of this is: if all the politicians are owned by the banks, how do you fight them?  Obviously, voting is out.  That just leaves revolution.

I believe that this theory is popular because they can pin all of societal evils on a group, not unlike the Jews in Germany.  Also, this entire theory could be turned into its own conspiracy theory.  You see, in order for Marxism to succeed, America must fall.  If you could destroy America either by destroying their financial strength or by tricking the populace into an open revolt, the Marxists win.  This theory dovetails nicely with the 99%/Occupy crowd.  That’s what they really believe in, and they are infused with Marxist and Anarchists.

I believe in the Constitution.  The only reason we are in any of the mess we are in is because we have stopped following the Constitution.  If you want to change things, hold your Congressmen accountable.  Defeat your own people in the primaries.  Force them to do your bidding.

Long Live the Constitution!

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