Romney wins the debate

Posted by Troy on 3rd October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Look at the body language.  Obama looked defeated.  His head was down, his face pinched.  Occasionally, he would go “Hmmm.”  He stumbled and flailed.  He looked uncomfortable.  He relied heavily on stories about people which may or may not exist and flinched when Romney hit him back with facts and figures.  Towards the end, he fell back on his tried and true: “I am going to ramble for the rest of my time and not really answer the question and hope that you get lost in everything I said because I got nothing.”

I regret that Romney didn’t respond to “How can you pay for the debt by cutting revenue?” by saying, “It’s called growth, Mr. President.  I know you haven’t seen it in the last four years, but that is where the difference will be made.”

Past that, Romney was able to just hammer Obama with his record, with facts, and with the fact that Obama contradicts himself on every single point.  This is the problem when you have inconsistency in thought and in deed.

As far as Romney lacking specifics, Romney should have responded, “I know such matters bore you, but I would be the Executive Officer.  I may give guidance.  I may give goals, but it is the Legislative Branch that writes the laws.”  Of course, that wouldn’t have played well, but they are running for the office of President, not Dictator.  That is something that should be pointed out to Obama.

Overall, it was a smackdown.  You could see Obama wince on points.

Long Live the Constitution!

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