Romney and Bain Capital

Posted by Troy on 17th July 2012 in Current Events, Political

Obama has been attacking Romney on his time at Bain Capital.  This attack is two fold:  The first is that he claims that Bain outsourced all the jobs to India.  The second prong is that he lied to the voters or the SEC due to being listed as CEO (etc) on official documents.  I shall now address these attacks since Romney seems unable or unwilling to do so.

The first claim is silly.  Companies are made to make money.  There is literally no other reason to make a company.  If a company is not making the money, it will not continue to exist.  The fact of the matter is that investors reward companies based on the level of return they get on their money.  If one company is outsourcing and return 10% on their investor’s money and another company keeps their workers here and return 3%, what do you think investors will do?  I am willing to bet that they will invest in the first company.

Outsourcing is a matter of cost.  Once upon a time, we were the only economic superpower in the world.  We had all the money.  We bought more consumer goods than any other country.  Since it cost a lot and took a lot of time to make products back then, it was cost efficient to make the products here.  Since there was no other option, we could then force employers to pay a higher wage because they had to keep producing the goods here.  However, with the advent of more and more efficient machinery, decreases to barriers of trade, and faster transportation, it became easier for employers to move their jobs overseas.  So the Left (through Unions and minimum wage legislation) has increase the cost of hiring Americans.  Now that those barriers of trade have fallen, companies are going to outsource.  You can’t have both.  If you want low skill jobs to exist in America, you have to minimize the effects of minimum wage either by inflation or by protectionist tariffs.  Outsourcing is just the rational reaction to these laws.

The whole concept of the “he lied” argument is juvenile.  I’m waiting for both candidates to pull the “I’m rubber and you’re glue” defense.  I think that this whole argument means one of two things: 1) either Obama has literally no idea about corporate structure (which I wouldn’t be surprise given the fact that he’s never had a private sector job in his entire adult life) or 2) he believes that the American people are rubes who can’t think for themselves and will believe everything they are told.  I believe it is the second option.  I believe that Obama is a narcissist.  When I look at him, there is only one theory which explains his behavior.  I believe that he views himself as the messiah of the socialist/communist movement.  He is the one that has come to deliver them into power.

The Bain Capital/Outsourcing argument is bogus.  Don’t buy into it.  Don’t vote for Romney or Obama over this argument.  Basically, if you love big government, vote Obama.  If you want a smaller (but still way the Hell too big) government, vote for Romney.  That’s really the choice.

Long Live the Constitution!

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