Republican Debates

Posted by Troy on 11th August 2011 in Current Events, Political

I don’t know why the media says that there are no powerful contenders.  I thought most all of the candidates did a great job.  Regardless of what people say, I think Romney got a bloody nose.  He has no way of escaping Romneycare, and that is going to be what costs him.  I also like Herman Cain for his ability to learn and grow, but he has a tendency to say stupid things often.  As much as I like Michelle Bachman, she just has no presence and is not cool under fire.  I like Pawlenty, but he has no shot in hell of doing anything.  As much as I like Ron Paul’s ideas (mostly), he has no presence and sometimes sounds like a raving lunatic.

The winner tonight:  Rick Perry.  He’s going to kill them when he gets into a debate.  He can do the one thing that these others fail to do:  He can speak with Hope and Love for America with Faith that we will overcome this. 

Long Live the Constitution!

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