Republican Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 6th August 2015 in Current Events, Political

I would have liked to have seen Fiorina and Jindal.  I was unable to see the early debate, so I will comment on the top 10 candidates.

Trump – He did a little better than what most people expected.  However, if you were paying close attention, you can easily see how he will be attacked by the Democrats and by Hollywood in general.  The thing about being a sensational figure is that you say and do a lot of things that will give the opposition ammunition.  I do like how unrepentant he is.  And I think that’s the main reason why people like him.  I think people want someone that will finally take a stand.  While I do like a lot of things about Trump, I don’t believe he will or should be the nominee.  Hopefully, he will bow out if he loses the nomination or else we will give the election to the Democrats.

Bush – Why is this guy running?  Again, I hate when people flip flop on their supposed beliefs.  In particular, he contradicts himself heavily on immigration and Common Core.  He calls illegal immigration and act of love, and then says we need to stop this act of love.  He also says that they should be heavy fines to pay, etc.  However, let’s be real: “Well, they are poor, so they can’t afford the fines…so nevermind.”  The same thing will be said of Common Core.  Eventually, the Feds will say “Adopt Common Core or lose federal funding.”  Rubio pointed that out, to his credit.

Rubio – Rubio did okay.  He had a great line about how the Republicans were blessed with so many candidates when the Democrats can’t find one.  He tried to make himself sound hard on illegal immigration, but he has too much out there saying otherwise.  That really holds me back on supporting him.

Walker – Walker was a strong candidate.  I think he’s gonna have to come down from the purist stance on abortion.  The mother’s life exception is accepted by 83% of the population.  He is a very strong candidate with a proven record.  He has proven that he can stand up to adversity.

Huckabee – He’s looking a bit older than he had in the past.  He looked tired, but he made a few good points.

Carson – I still love how he talks.  He talks to me how I want a President to talk to me.  Calm, measured, and reasoned.

Cruz – Arguably the most principled man on the stage.  He has his beliefs, and he’s unwilling to change them.  Period.  This is an admirable trait.  However, he would probably be toxic in the general election.  He is easy to smear by Hollywood types.

Kasich – He’s a bit of a boring fish.  The only real thing he has to run on is the economy, but that’s a pretty big credential to have…

Paul – I like Paul as he is offering something totally different than most all other candidates (Republican or Democrat).  He brings with him a love of the Constitution and a willingness to think outside the box.  I also agree with Paul.  I’m a big fan of the 4th Amendment.

Christie – I do not like this guy.  He is odious.  Also, he would be an Imperial President, just like Obama.  He would abuse executive orders.  He would travel on the taxpayer’s dime.  He would strongarm the press.  How do I know this?  This is the same kinda stuff that he’s been doing in New Jersey.  Also, his “ignore the 4th Amendment to keep us safe” theory sucks.  The retort to him should have been: “It’s the Fourth Amendment, and there is no higher law of the land than the Constitution.”

So, my favorites for the night?

Rand Paul for his positions on liberty.

Scott Walker for his general appeal and ability to win.

Ben Carson for his demeanor.

However, I could vote for anyone…except for Christie.

Long Live the Constitution!

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