Republican Convention and Speaker Darrell Scott

Posted by Troy on 20th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

Don’t get me wrong.  Eric Trump did great.  It’s always nice to hear a son talk about his dad, and you could see the pride in Donald’s eyes watching his son.  Really touching moment.  However, the highlight for the night to me was Darrell Scott.  Oh my God, I feel sorry for the old white guy that had to follow that act.  That guy brought such excitement to the room with a great message and a resounding support for Donald Trump.  I really feel like he should have been the last speaker, with all do respect to the Vice Presidential nominee.  Trump needs to pay Darrell Scott to campaign for him across this country.  He’s worth whatever price he would charge to do so.  Hallelujah!

Another thing that occurs to me…Trump is the head of a huge organization with many, many employees.  Where are the droves of past employees trashing the guy?  Doesn’t that speak volumes about the man?  Meanwhile, droves of past Secret Service agents will tell you how god-awful Hillary is, and these were people that were supposed to take a bullet for her.  I mean…if you’re not nice to the guy that’s supposed to take a bullet for you, who the hell are you nice to?

Long Live the Constitution!

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  1. Ley Kelly Says:

    Godspeed Trump!!!

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