Reality vs Union Spin

Posted by Troy on 13th December 2012 in Current Events, Political

People who are against the right to work laws would say something like, “without unions, there would be no minimum wage laws or safety regulations.”  While it is true that unions were instrumental in getting these measures passed, it is erroneous to assume that the defeat of unions would lead to the automatic repeal of these measures.  Let me tell you what will happen:  the laws will still be on the books with no danger of ever being repealed.  Life will go on as usual.

Once upon a time, unions acted with the interest of their union members at heart.  This is because they were workers too.  The way unions used to work is that they would band together.  They would find the smartest guy among them, and then he would be the leader of the union.  However, like most things do, it all went to hell when union bosses began to be professional union bosses.  This is the same as when politicians became full-time, professional politicians instead of citizens themselves.  This is why the Hostess union had no problem is failing to reach an agreement with the company and losing 18,000 jobs in a horrible economy.  You see, they don’t really care.  In the world of professional union leaders, standing strong against corporations is much more important than saving their member’s jobs.  They will probably go on to bigger and better things.

See, that’s the real way unions work.

Long Live the Constitution!

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