Obama’s Plan for ISIS

Posted by Troy on 18th September 2014 in Current Events, Political

Wow.  What can you say about this?  Basically, he is too afraid that people will say that he put us in another war.  I hate to say it, but he has no qualities that are necessary in a Commander in Chief.  He is also trying to use the War Authorization Act so that he doesn’t have to ask Congress for approval.  That’s interesting in itself as I am sure that the Republicans would go along with him on attacking ISIS.  I’m guessing that he doesn’t want to have to make Democrats vote on it: if they vote for it, their base deserts them, but the majority of Americans want something done.  How do Democrats survive elections?  They always have to delay their votes on issues until after the election because how they would vote would piss off their voters.  Who keeps electing these people?

I’m all for airstrikes, but if we are not willing to put “boots on the ground,” we shouldn’t do it.  Basically, if you are not willing to go “total war” on someone, ruling out nothing, even nuclear strikes if that’s what it takes, you should not go to war.  That being said, nuclear strikes are not necessary.  I’m just saying, every war should be approached with the “we are going to win this, hard!” mentality.  I am not a fan of doing something useless for the sake of saying that we did something.  It is a sign of a failing country when they start using mercenaries and troops from other nations to try to fight their battles (see Rome).  The other problem is, “Who is going to follow us?”  We look stupid.  “These people are dangerous.  We need to do something.  We need other countries to step up and put troops on the ground, but we don’t care enough about it to put our own troops at risk.”  How does that inspire confidence?  This is why even long-time, trusted allies like Britain are saying, “Yeah…no thank you.”

For my part, I think “let’s go ahead and wipe these guys out.”  We went into a World War over 119 US citizens killed on a ship.  We have a massed foe that we can kill with relative ease.  Go in, destroy them.  It breaks their allure if you show to the Muslim world that this ISIS army of a few thousand is little more than a mosquito to be swatted.  Don’t do it, and it will grow.  They may take over the governments of Iraq and Syria, and then you have a real problem.

Right now we have a President that cares more about election polls than doing what his office and duties demand.  That’s the real danger.

Long Live the Constitution!

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