Obama’s Obamacare Speech

Posted by Troy on 21st October 2013 in Current Events, Political

And I was just saying to someone two days ago, “At least he’s stopped having people faint when he gives a speech.”  Oh well, there went that.  Did you notice all of his laugh lines failed miserably?  He paused and waited for the laughs…and they weren’t there.  Ouch.  That had to hurt.  So let’s see…what was the take way?  Of course, they had to admit the website was crap.  I do like how he tried to positive spin the “you can apply in person or by phone” bit.  I like also how he talked about how one person would save $150 a month.  Of course, for every one person that saves money, many, many more are going to have to spend money.  He also admits that this is wealth redistribution.  One lady talked about how she was single with two kids and had to pay (throwing a number out there as I don’t remember exactly) $250 a month for medications, but now she is covered and gets the same medications for only $150 a month.  Wow!  So that was a discount then?  Oh, no wait… the difference will be passed to everyone else so that our net premiums will increase by $100 per month (fractionally thereof) to cover the costs.  Insurance is a business, not a charity.  They are not going to take a loss.  They are going to spread the costs to all of their other customers.  Also, there was no mention of people getting their hours cut from 40 to 30.  Of course, youngin’s can rejoice that they can stay on their parents’ tab until 26.  Man…I was so happy to graduate college so I could stand on my own two feet and be beholden to myself.  Now they rejoice to be beholden to their parents until age 26 and to the government for life.  Huh, wonder if they will make the parents liable for the penalty if they opt not to carry their kids if the parents can afford to but the kids can’t.   Socialism at it’s finest.  Punish the parents for insisting their kids be self-reliant.    That’s all hypothetical, but totally conceivable in my mind.  I really see no difference in when you substitute “parents” for “community” or “society.”  Let us not forget too that your choices have changed as well.  You can no longer get that catastrophic plan  on the cheap.  That’s substandard!  I don’t care if you are 23 and in peak health.  You need at least BRONZE coverage, fool.  And, of course, the most precious choice of all…no insurance.  How dare they tell you that you MUST buy anything?  There is nothing more noble that being dependent on yourself AND dealing with the consequences of that choice with dignity.  And of course, Obama let the cat out of the bag when he pointed out “that’s your cell phone or cable bill.”  Wait!  We are subsidizing people who can afford cable TV and cell phones?  Well, crap!  Easy solution!  Why don’t you cut off the cable and your cell phone, and then you will be able to afford your insurance?  Why do you expect others to sacrifice for something that you refuse to sacrifice for?

Long Live the Constitution!

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