Obama to Use Kids in His Plea for Gun Control

Posted by Troy on 15th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

From the mouth of babes.

Obama is going to use kids that wrote him letters regarding gun violence as a backdrop for his push for gun control.  Gee, I wonder if these kids were put up to this by their parents.  Just a hunch there, but from the mouth of babes, as they say.

Actually, no.  How about this: lets let children be children, and we adults will talk about stuff and come up with solutions.  How does that sound?  Obama is trying to manipulate people to get his way.  These kids are just a prop, and it is disgusting to see him use children this way.  I still maintain that the Left’s first thought after Newtown was, “Alright!  Now we can get gun control…finally!  Oh…yeah, and those poor kids, you know…”

The thought that banning assault rifles or large clips will stop this is asinine.  If the shooter couldn’t get an AR-15, he would have used a shotgun, or two pistols, or a .22 rifle (also comes with large capacity magazines), order large magazines online from overseas, or any other number of solutions.  This is why the end result of all gun control must be the banning (including confiscation) of all guns (except for possibly single shot muzzle loaders or something) because to do otherwise is absolutely meaningless.

Long Live the Constitution!

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