Obama – The War Criminal

Posted by Troy on 22nd October 2013 in Current Events, Political

Amnesty International is trying to paint Obama as a war criminal for his use of drone strikes.  His crime?  Indiscriminately killing innocent civilians using drone strikes (also called collateral damage).  According to their research, we’ve killed nearly 500 innocents in this way.  Okay, so lets discuss this rationally.  I have come out supporting drone strikes, but let me make on thing clear:

I advocate mostly an isolationist policy except in cases where one country invades another.

In cases where we have real, tangible proof that someone of note is available to be taken out, and must be taken out for the security of our country, then by all means use a drone strike.  It is quicker and faster and cheaper and less of our people and innocents will end up dead.

What we must balance this against, however, is that every dead grandmother or child becomes propaganda for Al Queda and other terrorist groups.  These groups would paint us as terrorists and make the analogy that using drones and killing innocent people is no different than crashing planes into our buildings.  Even if you disagree with the premise, that is how they will paint it, and that view will be accepted in that part of the world.

This goes back to what Ron Paul said and was booed so heavily for.  We are not hated because of our Freedom.  We are hated because of our actions and policies.  We put our noses in everyone’s business, and this is what becomes of it.  Of course, now we are backed into a corner of sorts and MUST put our nose into things.  It is very much like Gitmo.  You may have disagreed with it in the past, but getting rid of it is problematic.  What do you do?  Send them back home?  I’m sure they won’t become terrorists or train other terrorists.  Put them in US prisons so they could convert other criminals into jihad?  Kill them all and make them into martyrs?  See?  No good solution.  So we just keep them locked up forever.

Long Live the Constitution!

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