Obama, Romney, and Osama bin Laden walk into a bar and order a Bush

Posted by Troy on 1st May 2012 in Current Events, Political

Obama has recently attacked Romney with his own words concerning Osama bin Laden.  Romney was quoted as saying that it was not worth “moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars to catch one person…it’s more than Osama bin Laden.”  Obama has twisted these words to somehow mean that, if Romney were in Obama’s situation, he would not have ordered the raid to kill Osama bin Laden.  This is, of course, a faulty argument.  It means, if Romney had been in Bush’s position, he would not have gone to war in Afghanistan and (by extension) Iraq.  As such, the President after him would not have had the opportunity to order the raid on Osama bin Laden.  Accordingly, Obama himself would have also not gone to war if he had been in Bush’s place.  As much as I hate President Bush, he’s the one that deserves the credit for the kill.  It is doubtful we would have been in the position to locate and kill Osama bin Laden without Bush’s policies.

Now, let’s examine Romney’s statement.  Was it worth it?  Yep, we killed him.  Justice served.  Of course, justice could have been a bad kidney infection away.  Death isn’t justice; it’s what we face on the other side that’s justice.  So, was it worth spending billions of dollars and thousands of human lives and political capital to kill him?  Was he the only terrorist out there?  Is his death going to stop all other terrorist from plotting and planning?  I hate to say it, but no, it wasn’t worth it.  We have spent a trillion dollars to kill one man, and we are probably just as safe today as we were ten years ago.  One could argue that we are safer in the short term, but our history in meddling in the affairs of other countries has shown that the end results are almost always bad for us.  Afghanistan, Panama, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, North Korea, China, and so forth.  The second part of his statement justifies the first.  It is more than just Osama bin Laden.  If he were the only terrorist on the planet, and we just killed terrorism itself, then yeah, it would be worth it.  Saying you were against the planting of a tree doesn’t mean that you won’t eat the fruit once it grows.  We already spent the billions of dollars.  Might as well kill him while we’re at it.

It’s so funny that the Democrats are trying to spike the ball on this issue, since Democrats are against war in general.  I shall now outline how hypocritical Obama is being.  First of all, he was against the wars to start with.  Fine and dandy, but without the wars (at least Afghanistan anyway), Osama walks.  Obama took office promising to close Gitmo.  He didn’t.  He said he would stop “enhanced interrogation.”  He didn’t.  Because of the continuation of these Bush policies, information was obtained allowing for the killing of Osama bin Laden.  When he was a Senator, he said that justice could only be served if we captured Osama bin Laden alive and brought him to court and tried him for his crimes.  And yet, when the opportunity presented itself to do just that, he had him executed instead.  During the Iraq war, he called Seal Team Six “Chaney’s assassins.”  Now they are heroes (Well, after he’s had time to take credit for finding Osama and ordering the killing…then the Seals get a shout out.  Hey, after all, Obama did all the hard work.  All they did was jump out of a helicopter and shoot a guy.  Any idiot can do that.).  Last year, he refused to let us see pictures of Osama’s body because it might incite violence and acts of terrorism.  Of course, a year later it’s honky dory to flaunt it all over the news.  So, which is it?  Of course, I guess last year it wasn’t an election year.  I guess his re-election is worth the risk.

Say what you will, there is no flip-flop on Romney’s position in this matter, and I am not his biggest fan.  Obama, meanwhile, has flip-flopped like a fish.  He doesn’t deserve any more credit than a fire chief telling his crew to put out a fire or a bus driver slamming on breaks to avoid hitting a child that ran into the road.  It’s the call that should be made by whoever is in that position.

Long Live the Constitution!

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