NY-26 Kathy Hochul Wins: Medicare, are our Seniors Adult Enough to Handle the Truth?

Posted by Troy on 25th May 2011 in Current Events, Political

NY-26 went to a Democrat.  The news organizations are trying to say that this is the GOP’s watershed moment–that the American people have spoken and loudly proclaimed “Hands off our benefits!”

We’re broke, people.  That’s pure and simple.  No matter how you cut it, we are going to have to cut something.  We can cut defense, but ask yourselves, would you rather have a pitiful retirement plan in the form of Social Security and Medicare, or the world’s most kick-ass army?  The only reason Europe can afford all these social programs is that we are the world’s police force.  If we convert our defense money into benefit money, who is going to protect us?

Things have to change.  That’s all there is to it.  This next election is a turning point.  We are at a fork in the road right now.  We can move towards a welfare state or a freedom state.  A friend remarked to me today how he hasn’t heard anyone use the expression “Hey, it’s a free country,” in years.  That’s because, deep down, we realize that we’re not nearly as free as we used to be.  We live in a world where sending a joke tweet about suicide bombers can land a 13 year old boy in an interrogation room with the Secret Service.  This next election will determine if we want to face the truth and own up to what needs to be done or if we want to believe the lies we’re told and hide our heads in the sand.  If Obama wins re-election and (GOD FORBID) the Democrats take both houses again, we are done.  Period.

You must read 2084.  Everything I wrote about is happening faster than I predicted.  I will get it out this weekend.

Long Live the Constitution of the United States of America!

3 Responses to “NY-26 Kathy Hochul Wins: Medicare, are our Seniors Adult Enough to Handle the Truth?”

  1. Kimberly Berry Says:

    Your right Troy, our freedoms need to be protected. However, I think our dependent on oil has influence our activities in the Middle East. The truth is we are fighting a losing battle because these resources are in high demand and are non-replenishable. As demand grows with emerging economies, such as China, we will no longer enjoy excess, which would drive the price down. Our real battle is the energy crisis we are facing.

    Our economy is in the tank, Americans do not have investments or real jobs, instead they only have mortgages that they cannot pay. How did we get to this place? It is because Lucy doesn’t know how to budget (Lucy being everyone who bought too big of a house, too many designer clothes, and a $5 coffee from Starbucks every day to work). We have lost the values of living within our means, saving for the future, and being creative to find solutions to our problems. Of course it did not help when corporations began outsourcing the big fad that started 15 years ago. Unions also are to blame for forcing corporations to keep profits high by moving plants to other countries. Just about the same time we started to see declines in the job industry. However, our government has failed us too. They lead us to believe that we make change out of thin air. Troy you again are right, benefits come at a big price. Just what industries are here in the United States do we have to pay for them? China is stamped on everything I buy, except for maybe toilet paper.

  2. Troy Troy Says:

    And why is everything made in China? It’s because of our minimum wage. It used to be that moving jobs overseas was impossible or very difficult at best. Now, it can be done fairly easily. As such, why on earth would you pay an American $10 and hour when you can pay a Chinese worker $1 and hour (even if the product is total crap)? As to why consumers are in trouble, the answer is credit cards. It used to be that you had to pay for everything in cash. It’s pretty hard to get into serious money trouble when you are limited by the cash in your pockets.

    It’ll all turn around. Things change. We adapt. We grow. We will not be defeated.

    Long Live the Constitution!

  3. Kimberly Berry Says:

    Yes, we can remain hopeful for the future. I am still very proud to be an American. I still enjoy many freedoms that women only dream about in other countries. Our constitution affords us the ability to pursue our own happiness. Let just not forget how to pursue our dreams. Invention, persistence, and hardwork are the keys. We need to get back in the game and start offering more than toilet paper. Not that toilet paper is not useful. We just need to realize our potential again. We need to turn off the news channels who forgot how to offer fair and unbias coverage. We need to elect congress members who come from the people, and not a society that has no clue how the real world works. Finally, we need to realize people there is no free lunch if there is no one to pay for it.

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