Next Move For the Republican Party

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The GOP, as we know it, is dead.  Their arguments are based on logic and, apparently, that is something the majority of Americans cannot follow due to the dumbing down of America.

The vast majority of Republicans want a Conservative candidate.  That’s not going to work.  We need a cool person.  No one cares about their stances or records.  After all, Obama won with 2 years in the Senate where he voted “present” all the time.  After four disasterous years, he still got re-elected.  Why?   Who the hell knows?!

Here is the winning strategy for Republicans.  You have three branches.  You have Conservatives, Moderates, and Libertarians.  Depending on the area you are in, put the one most likely to win.  If you are in Washington or California, go with a Libertarian.  If you are in the South, go with a Conservative, or whatever you got to do.  Remember, the Legislative Branch is the one that makes the laws.  This is far and away the most important part.  Controlling which laws are passed or repealed is the most important thing.

For President, choose someone with NO record who is the right skin tone (darker the better it seems) and can play a musical instrument really cool and give great speeches.  He can say whatever he wants to get elected, and then do the exact opposite, and no one will care!  Obama is living proof of it.

My advice for Republicans, stop pretending that the bulk of the American electorate is intelligent, thoughtful, and informed.  They are none of these things.  They are brainwashed and shallow.  Run with it.  The Democrats have, and it seems to be doing well with it.

Long Live the Constitution!

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