Media Bias Is Sickening

Posted by Troy on 5th August 2016 in Current Events, Political

I have reached my limit.  While we have all known and accepted media bias, it is on full display in the Trump vs Clinton campaign.

While I will admit that Trump’s “shoot from the hip” style has led to a lot of problems for him, these are not “unforced errors.”  Instead, the media takes something he says and pulls it out to an extreme.  So:

Mexico is sending rapists and drug dealers over the boarder = All Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers.

Trump thinking that the judge is treating him unfairly because of Trump’s stance on the border wall and the judge’s heritage = The judge can’t do his job because of his Mexican heritage.

Trump joking about “maybe Russia can find Hillary’s e-mails” = Trump is asking a foe to commit espionage.

Meanwhile, the media protects Hillary to an extreme.  They write off stories.  Google and Facebook actively remove posts that are anti-Hillary and promote those that are anti-Trump.  The media defends the $400 million ransom.  They defend her use of a private server.  If you think the Russians didn’t discover and hack that server, you’re a moron.  They protect her over and over and over again.

Here’s something to consider for all you Leftists out there:  Who is the big money supporting this year?  Who is Wall Street supporting?  Who are all the people you hate supporting?  Who’s been for every armed conflict in the last 25 years?  Yeah, Hillary.

The media is trying their level best to make people feel ASHAMED to support Trump, and I will have no part of it.  I will be wearing a Trump shirt every weekend until the end of the election.  Don’t let them enslave you with shame.  Grow a backbone and say, “Enough!”

Long Live the Constitution!

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