Joe Williams and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Posted by Troy on 14th June 2012 in Political

Joe Williams has advanced the theory that the Republicans are sabotaging the economy and the media will not report on it because of the vast right-wing conspiracy.  This is to say, that the Republicans would respond that they are obstructing the President because they have fundamental disagreements with him.  The fact of the matter is that President Obama had two years of total control to do whatever he wanted.  The Left is acting like he’s been fighting an uphill battle the whole way.  He got his way, completely, for two solid years.  His budget got zero votes (and that includes Democrats).  The fact of the matter is that his ideas are terrible ideas and do not work.

If you support Obama, make a list of things that he has done that you approve of that actually work.  Make a list of what he is saying (specifically) that you approve of.  You’re going to find out that he is just great at marketing.  He’s accomplished nothing, and he has no specific ideas.  The only reason people support him is because they have bought into the brand.

Long Live the Constitution!

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