Israel vs Hamas

Posted by Troy on 20th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The Jerusalem Fund has released an “infographic” showing the military superiority of Israel to Hamas.  The inference here, I suppose, is that you’re not supposed to fight someone who is weaker than you even if they are attacking you.  If I go up to Mike Tyson and start working him over, how long do you suppose he’s going to let that go on?  He could probably let me hit him for five solid minutes as hard as I can, and I’d probably give out first due to my hands hurting.  However, I doubt that would be the case.  I imagine after the first couple of punches, he’d lay me out with a jab.  Probably won’t bring out the power punch, but his bruise would be repaid with my unconsciousness.

During WWII, the Germans used a 1,000-year-old church as a fort.  It was a NICE church too, not some hovel that people threw together.  It was a work of art.  We razed that sucker to the ground.  A church used as a fort is a fort, not a church.  In the Iraq war, we refused to do similar to a mosque because it would anger the Muslim community.

You cannot make war “nice.”  You can’t make it moral.  War is Hell.

Hamas has one goal in mind: make Israel retaliate.  There will be collateral damage.  Then blame Israel for these deaths.  You don’t want Palestinians to die?  Quit firing rockets.

To all those people out there, imagine you are living in New York City and suddenly rogue agents in Canada are firing off rockets into NYC.  How do you really think you would respond?  Quit being self-righteous.  If you were in Israel’s shoes, you’d be blowing up bad guys too.

Long Live the Constitution!

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