Posted by Troy on 14th December 2011 in Current Events, Political

I just realized something.

Imagine that there was a group of people in town, just three or four.  They get an idea in their head that they know will be unpopular.  However, they single people out, confront them, and bombard them with their message until it’s accepted.  One at at time, they convert people to their point of view.

This is that the media is.  While we are in our own homes, safe in front of our TVs, we are alone.  We do not have the safety net of friends and family and community who will step in and say, “I’m with you.  This guy is full of it.”  Since we are alone, we assume that the messages being delivered to us via television are the viewpoints of the whole country.  Over time, our viewpoints become compromised or become that which is being told to us.

The media has become this gang of bullies.  It was a way for the Left to brainwash the entire community over just a few short decades.

“64,000 repetitions make a truth.”

Long Live the Constitution!

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