In Defense of Trump’s Judge Comments

Posted by Troy on 7th June 2016 in Current Events, Political

Everyone’s on Trump’s case regarding stating that the judge in his Trump University case is bias because he’s Mexican.

If you say, “He was born in Indiana,” I really don’t care.  I know plenty of Americans that friggin’ hate America and are prouder of their “heritage” than they are of America.  That’s one thing I love the about the South.  We’re not Irish or Italian or anything else.  We’re Southern or American.  Period.  Is it possible that this judge is more proud of his Mexican heritage?  Is it possible that he sympathizes with illegal aliens and harbors a dislike for Trump?  He is a member of La Raza after all.  Totally possible.  If Trump feels that the judge is not presiding over the case impartially, does he not have the right to say so?

Let’s play another game.  What about when blacks complained that white judges in the Jim Crow South did not treat them fairly?  They were criticizing a judge!  They were saying that race prevented them from being impartial.  “Oh…well…that’s different!!!!”  Yeah yeah…

What about all these Black Lives Matter people that claim that white cops do not enforce the law impartially?  “Oh…well…that’s different!!!!!”  Yeah yeah…

If Trump truly believes that he’s not getting a fair shake from this judge, he has every right to levy such a charge.  It isn’t racist to wonder if someone’s background is preventing them from hearing a case fairly.  If a black man can voice such a thing about white cops or white judges, then Trump is free to do so regarding a Mexican judge.  Period.

Long Live the Constitution!

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