In defense of Israel

Posted by Troy on 5th August 2014 in Current Events, Political

Israel is being condemned for killing little kids and what not.  Here’s a question:

If Mexico was firing 130 rockets at Dallas every day, how long do you think it would take before we told our government to do something about it?  Not only that, but we are the kings of disproportionate responses.  We’d blow them to hell and back.  Of course, we would try to hit military targets, but innocents always die.

“That’s different!  The Palestinians have been oppressed!”

Yeah, well, what if it was an Indian tribe  then?  Even if we were shooting down 100% of the rockets, you would NOT tolerate that crap, nor should you.

Furthermore, I don’t care if you are oppressed.  Blacks were oppressed in this country.  Did they start firing rockets?  Nope.  And good thing too, or the Civil Rights Movement would have ended very differently (in fact, it would have ended kinda like what you are seeing in Gaza).

Finally, you know what?  Hamas WANTS dead kids.  You know how I know?  They are using schools and hospitals and residential areas from which to launch attacks.  If you cared about your children, you would not do that.  Know why?  Because it puts them in harm’s way.  But they don’t mind.  They want dead children because they know that it will make Israel look bad.  Their religion doesn’t care.  Whatever it takes to advance the religion.  It doesn’t matter who gets killed.

“But that’s Hamas!  That’s not the Palestinians!”

Um, they elected Hamas.  Hamas has promised the destruction of Israel.  By electing Hamas, the Palestinians have shown their hand and what they want their country to be about.

We should not stop Israel nor should we help them.  We have meddled in their affairs for far too long.  No country should nor would put up with what the Israelis have put up with for this long.

Long Live the Constitution!

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